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There is no governor on a wrangler, though in the computer there may be a rev limiter, the only way to disable this would be to have the computer re-programmed or a chip installed. At this time I don't know of any who supply a chip set, or re-programm Jeep computers. On a side note, altering the computer to get more speed is unwise in a jeep due to the inherent handling characteristics. If you want fast, don't buy a jeep.

From experience, there *is* a governor in the ECM and possibly a rev limiter too. During a closed-stage rally on a long down-hill straight stretch the engine cut out at 140kph (87mph), but the revs were under 3000 RPM, much less than what I sometimes do in lower gears while accelerating, so I know it was a speed limitation, not a revs limitation. The rest of the original answer is bang-on, it is a modernized farm tractor, not a sports car... still loads of fun though!

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Q: How can you disable or bypass the governor in a 2004 Jeep Wrangler with a 5 speed manual transmission 4.0 engine?
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