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How can you disable the daytime running lights on a 2002 Dodge Dakota?


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2012-08-06 01:45:49
2012-08-06 01:45:49

Unplug them-- there should be a clasp of some sort behing the light. Just push in the release button and pull the plug. Of course this may not entirely solve your problem, I don't know why you want then disabled... Jody

Let me tell you what could happen with them disconnected. Should you ever be involved in a accident and it is caused by another driver not being able to see you, the first thing an insurance inspector will do is check to see if all of the ORIGINAL SAFETY EQUIPMENT IS WORKING OR WAS working at the time of the accident. ALL SAFETY EQUIPMENT. Your insurance company already knows if your vehicle is equipped with safety equipment and exactly what is supposed to be there,

They could very well NOT PAY YOU A DIME should they find out that you have disabled safety equipment that is designed into the car. Just a little info before you disconnect those light,,,,I agree Jody, I don't understand why anyone would do it.


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To disable the running lights either unplug the relay to the fuse box. Also there is a fuse for this in the fuse box remove this and that will disable the lights.

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