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I think that's a feature of the full Adobe Acrobat. You can set security options for the PDFs you produce with that tool.


Don't know if "Save a Copy" is a PDF feature, but for sure it is not a Secure option within Acrobat. I have the same problem. If anyone have the answer, please let us know.


You can't. In order to view the document, it is essentially downloaded to the PC viewing it. Depending on the viewer that is being used, the viewer application may not even honor this setting if it even exists.

If you all print on the document it could be printed to PDF on the client and strip all security settings from the file.

In short, if it can be viewed, there is no way to protect the content.


Encrypt pdf file so that it can be protected


Even if a file is encrypted, you can save the file. If you don't have the password to decrypt it, then you can't view it, but that is a different matter entirely.

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Q: How can you disable the save a copy button in pdf files in code?
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