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How can you doplacate rare candies on pokemom heart gold?


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if you give schuckle an oran berry it will turn to juice then a rare candy


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You can't get 999 rare candies without action replay.

you can use the dousing MCHN you get from a guy in ecruteak city in a house

you give rare candies to 99 pokemons and trade them to heart gold... time consuming? yes, but it should work unless it doesnt allow you to trade pokemon holding rare candies.

See Rare candies would fall under medicine, therefore you would do the x900 medicine code.

Use rare candies you could get them at the pokethlon dome using points

you cant get 999 rarecandies like on diamond and the other two

I know one is on your way to ho-oh and one is in the moon cave thing or whatever it is called

There are several locations where you can get rare candies in Pokémon Gold. For example, you can get them on Route 34, Violet City and Lake of Rage.

go to any pokemart press a infront of the paper thing and put link together with all

The way to get unlimited rare candies is to collect all of the rare candies in the game, put them in your first item slot, bring them to Proffesor Oak and he will give you unlimited rare candies.

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There are two ways to get rare candies in Pokemon heart gold/soul silver. 1: go to mt. mortar & mt. silver. They are flooded with rare candies! 2: get an Action Replay (AR) which you can buy in the video game section of a store, Game Stop, or Best Buy.You can find a rare candy at the olivine light house,or use a dowsing machine and find it some where

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