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Although it is possible, it is extremely risky and expensive. I don't recommend it, but you could try a Pandora batery or Magic Memory Stick Pro Duo.

-Good luck, DarkShadow6

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 04:48:17
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Q: How can you downgrade 5.02 psp to 1.5?
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How to downgrade a PSP?

you can buy a downgrade umd or buy a Pandora battery that is the only way you can downgrade your psp.

Downgrade psp 3000 to ofw?

There is no way you can downgrade a PSP-300 or PSPgo at the moment.

Can you downgrade psp 3000 6.2?

No, Pandora Batteries (the only known way to downgrade PSPs) do not work with the PSP-3000, and, as such, you can not downgrade it.

How do you downgrade PSP version 4.01?

how to downgrade psp 4.01 version...i used Pandora and magic memmory but no responce from the psp?

How do you downgrade from OFW 6.31 to 5.03 on a PSP 3000?

You cannot downgrade 6.31 on psp 3000

Psp how to downgrade 5.50 to 5.00 without Pandora?

Psp how to downgrade 5.50 to 5.00 without pandora?

How do you downgrade my psp 3000 from version 6.20 to 5.00?

It is not yet possible to downgrade a PSP 3000 series.

How do you downgrade a psp version 4.05?

It s not possible to "Downgrade" A Psp that has already been patched Improved Answer: You can easily downgrade it without the Pandora battery since you didn't update your PSP passed 5.02. I suggest you don't downgrade since it would be worthless to do so.

How do I put version 3.4 on my psp if i have version 5.2 please help me i want to put cso games on my psp and i can't?

well you cant downgrade your psp but if you go to youtube, there are some fantastic videos on how to do it! just type in "how to downgrade psp's" or "psp downgrade"

What is wwwdgpspcom?

A downgrade website for Psp

How do you downgrade a psp 5.51 firmware to 3.71?

Sorry but in this moment you can´t the only thing you cna do is wait for a hack to downgrade your psp

How do you downgrade psp 6.10?

You Can Downgrade It Using Pandora Battery And Magic Memory Stick. Downgrade Of This Version Has Just Released.

How do you downgrade a psp from a 4.05 to a 4.01?


Can you downgrade psp 3000 62?

Sorry, but no.

Just upgraded psp to firmware 6.3 How do you downgrade it back to firmware 6.2?

I'm sorry, but you can not downgrade it back to firmware 6.2 Any firmware after around version 5.5 cannot be downgraded i think. It also depends whether you have a psp 2000 or psp 3000 I have a psp 3000 and it was too late for me to downgrade

How do you fix the error dadadada on the psp?

i read somewhere that you nead to downgrade the psp to 1.5 before upgrading it, I'm not sure if it's true and i have no idea how to downgrade it

How can in downgrade your 6.00 version PSP?

by Pandora stick

How do you downgrade psp ver 6.01 to 5.01?


How do you downgrade psp 3000 version 6.30?

You can't do it.

Can you downgrade psp firmware 6.37 to 6.35 cfw?

NO NOT IF YOU HAVE A NEWER PSP 2000 OR 3000 AND GO but older psp 2000 and all 1000 can downgrade with Pandora battery then hack it and then download 6.35 cfw and install

How do you downgrade PSP 4.0?

Downgrade your PSP system to version 1.5 by turning your PSP battery into a Pandora's battery. You need are an original PSP battery (with more than 50% charge) and a Memory Stick Pro Duo with 1GB memory or above Users can downgrade their PSP to version 1.5 because they can upgrade their PSP to any version from 1.5. If you upgrade your PSP to version 3.51, you can play any downloaded games and run any applications.

How do you downgrade psp 3000 version 6.30 without Pandora battery?

You cant. I tryed, you need to have a 2000 to downgrade it.

Psp with version 5.01 you want to downgrade it?

go to there they will show you different downgrades for your psp.

How do you downgrade a psp 5.51?

a psp can be downgraded only by a pandorama battery and a magic memory card .they can unbrick the frimware of a psp .

Can a Pandora battery downgrade a psp from 5.02 ofw?