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How can you download an Xbox 360 game onto a flash drive?


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Save it to your downloads folder, desktop, etc. Then just insert a flash drive and drag it onto the flash drive icon. Or copy it to the flash drive.

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No, that would be the start of pirating the game. Pirating games is illegal.

No, It will not save game memory.

Minecraft is available on the Xbox 360. You can download the entire game to your Xbox hard drive.

you can only get it on the market place, unless you want to find a download online(via computer) and put it on a flash drive and transfer it to your console

yes.because the internet charges will increase.if you download it ,you can play offline

Yes, this is called game installation on the hard drive.

You have to download the mods from the internet onto a flash drive and download the mods to the game you got them for.

from market place or you only confirm download and it begins automaticly

For Grand Theft Auto: V, there will be an initial install on Xbox 360 that will require an Xbox 360 Hard Drive or an external 16GB USB flash drive with at least 8 GB of free space. If using a USB flash drive it must be at least USB 2.0 with a minimum 15mb/s read speed and formatted for Xbox 360 use. A new USB flash drive is recommended to ensure optimum performance.

First, download the game to your hard drive, as you normally would. When installing, select the directory to be your flash drive instead of C:/Nexon. It'll be something like D: or E: or F:, etc. Then install like normal and go to your flash drive every time you want to play!

ask your parents @^ ^@ they might now (or your daddy) or a pokemon lover ***

Yes. If possible flash with 1.51 ixtreme. 1.7 will be coming out soon. 1.6 is garbage. A kreon drive only allows you to make a copy of the game. Your xbox will still need to be flashed.

The installed game should remain on your hard drive, regardless of the Xbox you're using. However, be sure that you are on your own account when you download the game, or you'll have to transfer the content licenses back to your account from your friend's. Check out Xbox's Digital Rights Management page to learn how to transfer the content licenses.

No I don't think you can. I'm sure that you need to buy a transfer kit. I'm not sure where you can get them from.

yehhh of course you can? :S just make sure its atleast a gig and you configured it

Not if you plan to download things from Xbox Live and most games require a Hard Drive to play certain things in the game.

It is not a flash game :( It is a download! Idiot!

Updated Download Link + Full Guide here http:// Then Follow these Steps: Step 0:Play a solo campaign Step 1:Press Save and Quit Step 2:Go to your console-memory-call of duty-saved game Step 3:Plug in your Usb Flash Drive Step 4:Transfer the saved game to your flash drive Step 5:Unplug your flash drive from your xbox and plug it in your laptop Step 6:Open up Modio Step 7:Click Explorer A Device And Drag YOUR savegame.svg Onto Thier Desktop Step 8:Extract your saved game to your desktop Step 9:Open up Your Modded Savgame.svg Step 11:Drag It Into Modio Or Open Up Save And Click The Modded Savegame.svg Step 12:Drag YOUR savegame.svg Into Modio Step 13:Copy the Profile and Device ID from YOUR saved game from your desktop and paste it to the saved game from your WAW Modded Zombies folder Step 14:Click rehash and resign Step 16: Step 17:Go to your saved game on your USB and delete it Step 18:Inject your modded savegame.svg into your flash drive Step 19:Plug your flash drive to your xbox Step 20:Transfer the saved game from your USB flash drive into your xbox Step 21:Play CoD:WaW and click Solo, then Resume Game

yes of course Firstly, go to Register Select game to download Download and burn to DVD 9 Put the game in xbox 360 Enjoy

yes you can play an xbox without a hard drive because the game console has its own memory but the memory is small so you will be ablwe to save your games but not be able to download or store music of the xbox without a hard drive

Get a friend with the map pack to recover his/her gamertag on your xbox then download the game to your hard drive

depends on the game, most online multiplayer games DO NOT suggest it.

Download a USERDATA.JAM file, put it on a USB flash drive, put the flash drive in the PS3, start the game, go to COMMUNITY, then CUSTOM CONTENT, then press square to import mods. Press Start when the USB flash drive is highlighted. Wait for it to unpack, then enjoy.

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