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You'll have to take it to a dealership and ask to have a transmission flush. It used not to be possible to get ALL the fluid out unless the transmission was completely removed from the vehicle which could cause other problems if all the outer seals were not replaced.You could get most of it out by draining the pan and the Torque Converter. However, there is no longer a drain plug on most torque converters these days so a flush is just about the only way to do it with the transmission still in the vehicle. It is a fairly new procedure that is now possible thanks to the new flushing machine which hooks up to your cooling lines (the metal tubing that runs from your transmission to your radiator).

Hey Robert==I have been a mechanic for MANY years and as stated, the flushes havent been around very long. I have changed just 4-6 quarts of fluid for many years and have had no ill effects from just changing that much especially if it is done every 30,000 miles. This is MY 2 cents worth. Good luck, Joe

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Q: How can you drain all the transmission fluid from your 2000 Mercury Sable to put all new fluid in as recommended by the maker?
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How do you drain transmission fluid in a Mercury villager?

There is a drain plug in the transmission pan.

Is there a fuel drain plug on 2000 Mercury Sable?

NO. Buy a syphon kit

What is the transmission fluid capacity for a 1993 Mercury Sable?

It's about 14 quarts of transmission fluid, but you can't drain it all unless you're flushing it, so expect to be able to drain (and replace) about 5 quarts. RFischer McLean, VA Dec 28, 2008

Where is the drain plug for the transmission on a 1999 mercury villager?

In the bottom of the transmission pan.

Is there a transmission drain plug on a 1999 mercury mountaineer?

Not from the factory , only if someone has added a drain plug in the transmission pan

What causes a car battery to drain on a mercury sable?

A car battery in any car would drain due to a short in the electrical system.

Where is the engine block drain for antifreeze on a 1988 Mercury Sable?

There is no drain on the block, just the drain on the radiator (bottom of rad drivers side, facing the transmission).ANS 2 The above is perfectly correct, but if you still wish to drain coolant fluid from that block, the easiest way is removing the lower rad hose from engine side.

Where is the transmission drain plug on a Mercury Sable?

What year + engine (3.0L SOHC, 3.0L DOHC or ??)? ... MOST American built cars/ trucks do NOT have a 'drain' plug! -In this case, you need to remove ALL the bolts holding the pan on (it's a messy job, IF this is your first time)

Where is the transmission pan on a Generation 3 Ford Taurus and Mercury Sable?

The following information applies to the 1996-1999 Ford Taurus and Mercury Sable.The transmission pan is the flat bottomed pan located under the vehicle. It may have imprinted wording on it that may or may not say "AXOD METRIC" or "AX4N METRIC" It does not have a drain plug and requires careful removal to drain all 8-10 quarts of fluid. AX4S/AXOD-E transmissions have 17 bolts, and AX4N transmissions have 19 bolts.

Where is the drain plug on a 2000 Mercury Sable?

There are a variety of "drain plugs" on a vehicle.See "Related Questions" below for more specifics on radiator, oil & transmissions...

Does a Mercury Cougar 1999 have a drain plug for the transmission?

yes its on the bottom of the tranny

Where is the radiator drain plug on a 1993 mercury sable?

The drain valve is on the (facing) engine side, lower left corner (drivers side) of the radiator. There is a tap and a tube you can put a small hose on to drain the coolant into a container.

How do you drain transmission fluid on a 1993 Mercury Cougar?

Just like all automatic transmission cars, remove the oil pan.

How do you drain transmission fluid on 2002 Mercury Cougar?

take plug out and drain the fluid plug found behind drivers side wheel

How do you flush transmission fluid on 2002 Hyundai?

The transmission on a 2002 Hyundai will have a drain bolt located underneath it. Loosen the bolt and drain the old fluid into a pan. Once done use Hyundai recommended transmission fluid and pour it in.

Where is the transmission drain on a 2006 Chrysler pacifica?

You have to remove the pan to drain the transmission.You have to remove the pan to drain the transmission.

How do you drain All 9 Quarts of transmission fluid from 1996 Dodge Caravan?

very carefully!! you have to pull the cover and drain the torque converter but is not recommended!!

What would cause a battery to drain in a 1989 mercury sable if it is not the power cords or alternator?

dead cell in the battery or something is on pulling power from the battery.

How do you change 1998 mercury tracer transmission filter?

transmission filters are generally located just inside the transmission oil pan, have to remove pan and drain fluid to change filter.

How do you change the manual transmission fluid on a 1999 cavalier?

you change the manual transmission fluid in a '99 cavalier simply by removing the transmission drain plug and allowing all the fluid to drain then replace the plug and refill with Syncromesh transmission fluid(that is the fluid recommended by Chevy for use in your transmission) It should take 2 quarts.

How do i Change antifreeze on 2000 Mercury Sable?

Drain radiator, rinse with water or radiator cleaner, then refill. Don't forget to check the leve after running the engine a while.

Does 1993 Ford Taurus have transmission drain?

There is no drain plug on this transmission.

Where is drain plug Mercury villager?

where is the radiator drain plug on a mercury villager

How do you locate the transmission fluid drain plug on a 1993 Chevy Silverado with an automatic transmission?

It does not have a drain plug. You have to remove the transmission pan from the bottom of the transmission to drain the fluid.

Where is the transmission drain at on a 1996 Chrysler Sebring jxi?

The automatic transmission does not have a drain. You remove the pan to drain.