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How can you drain all the transmission fluid from your 2000 Mercury Sable to put all new fluid in as recommended by the maker?


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2015-07-15 18:19:20
2015-07-15 18:19:20

You'll have to take it to a dealership and ask to have a transmission flush. It used not to be possible to get ALL the fluid out unless the transmission was completely removed from the vehicle which could cause other problems if all the outer seals were not replaced.You could get most of it out by draining the pan and the Torque Converter. However, there is no longer a drain plug on most torque converters these days so a flush is just about the only way to do it with the transmission still in the vehicle. It is a fairly new procedure that is now possible thanks to the new flushing machine which hooks up to your cooling lines (the metal tubing that runs from your transmission to your radiator).

Hey Robert==I have been a mechanic for MANY years and as stated, the flushes havent been around very long. I have changed just 4-6 quarts of fluid for many years and have had no ill effects from just changing that much especially if it is done every 30,000 miles. This is MY 2 cents worth. Good luck, Joe


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There is a drain plug in the transmission pan.

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It's about 14 quarts of transmission fluid, but you can't drain it all unless you're flushing it, so expect to be able to drain (and replace) about 5 quarts. RFischer McLean, VA Dec 28, 2008

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Not from the factory , only if someone has added a drain plug in the transmission pan

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