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A hair dryer and a butter knife. Use the blowdryer to heat up and soften the caulking from around the tub or tile. Sometimes it will just pull up like a string sometimes you need to use the butter knife.I used bleach to really clean and disinfect the area before I re-do the job.Always test first on a spot that will NOT be seen.

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Q: How can you easily remove moldy silicone caulking from bathroom tile grout lines?
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Can you caulk over caulking that has cracked?

Yes you can, but it is a cleaner job if you remove the old caulking (as much as you can) and reseal it with new caulk.

How do you remove the tube from the caulk gun after you finish caulking?

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How do you remove silicone?

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First, remove the old caulking. Clean any mold and dirt and allow the area to thoroughly dry. Add your new silicon caulking and let dry a full 24 hours or more.

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Hi You can use solvent or stripping agent to remove silicone caulk from tiles. Find more helpful tips, ideas at Thanks

How do you remove old caulk from siding?

It is not stated in the question. But, assuming the caulking (tar and untwisted rope) has been used to seal ship or boat planking. Heat the old caulking and remove while hot with a flat hook or knife. If I've read the question wrong, then more information is required.

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Remove existing caulking. Scrub thoroughly. If there is mold, spray with antifungal. Let dry thoroughly. Recaulk.