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You are second-guessing the feelings of this other person and you have absolutely no idea what they are thinking about you. Instead, you are wishing this to be true. You can't make someone love you. There is a big difference between someone liking you (as a friend) and loving you romantically. Take it easy and let Mother Nature take her course.

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When ponyboy sees Darry crying at the hospital what does he realize about how Darry feels?

Ponyboy realizes that Darry really does have feelings and cares about others instead of himself

Does ichigo ever realize his feelings for rukia?

Not yet ;D

In which episode does Naruto realize Hinatas feelings?

Shippuden episode 166

What is unconscious love?

when you love somebody but you either wont admit it to yourself or you dont realize it

What if you realize that your love feelings is not a love feeling?

then you'd better find out what kind of feeling it is.

Why won't he call me his girlfriend?

Fear, pressure, or just thick headedness not to realize your feelings.

Sentence for vaguely?

She was vaguely aware of his feelings for her, but she didn't realize he was falling in love. Vaguely is an adverb.

What do you do when your best friend's boyfriend said I love you to you?

encourage a friendship between you two and tell him you dont feel the same. If you dont think you can tell you friend the truth encourage her to realize he's not the one.

How do you control your feelings of attraction to someone?

You control feelings/attraction for someone by figuring out your true feeling for them and then you can realize if there right or not. If there right for you then you can face them or you could let your emotions get the best of you.

When will women learn that men have feeling and emotions too?

Probably the same day that men realize that women have feelings and emotions, too! No, seriously, though, it's an age-old problem (and not just a gender issue) where people can't seem to put themselves in other people's shoes. If everyone would just take a minute and put themselves in somebody else's place, they might wake up and realize that life doesn't revolve around them and that other people actually have feelings, too. I Compliment you Bigsisterknows, You are loved!

What do dreams of your ex boyfriend mean?

probabaly because you still have feelings for him, even if you do not realize them while you are awake.

Why are some guys so strong in controlling themslves not to get carried away n get back together cause cant commit n knows both still have feelings and you cant stand being apart n exbf copes with it?

Feelings don't go away because you can't be together however, you have to realize that if you cannot be together that you have to allow yourself to move on. They are not so "controlling" as you put it, its just that he may realize what can and cannot be and is allowing himself to move on as you should as well. Girls tend to be more needy and dramatic when it comes to feelings.

Can you turn someone gay?

no...but you can make them realize feelings that they didn't know they had But chances are if you are older than 20ish, they would already be aware of these feelings and showing them [if you live in a place that permits that]

What should you say to your friends when they hurt your feelings?

As soon as a friend hurts your feelings you should make it clear to them that they did so as soon as it is out of their mouth. Sometimes friends say things the wrong way and don't realize they have hurt their friend's feelings.

What does the main character realize about himself in the 1989 movie Chances Are?

That he has been reincarnated.

When does Inuyasha realize that he loves Kagome?

Inuyasha had always loved Kagome, but he is so stubborn to admit his true feelings for her.

What was significant about Holden's obsession with phonies?

The significance is that Holden himself is a phony, yet he does not realize it.

How do you take constructive critiscim?

Realize that it is somebody elses opinion and nothing more. If you feel comfortable with some of it and it can help you, use it. If it comes from someone with authority in that field, consider it a possibility. Don't take it personally, it's just meant to help. Just keep your feelings in side. Listen to what they have to say and think it over

If you like somebody and they are already going out with another person and every time you get the guts to ask them out they go date someone else what would be the best soluttion?

Maybe try to talk to them alone and tell them your feelings. You might have a chance. But do what you want. It is totally up to you. But that is what I would do because maybe they will realize that they feel the same way.

If at first a guy only wants sex is it possible for him to develop feelings for you?

happens all the time...but first you will have to dump him so he'll realize it happened to him. After he grovels and makes an idiot of himself, find yourself a new boyfriend. But don't rely on it. some guys are jerks.

How do you help someone who is depressed get help when they are trying to work it out for themselves but it isn't working?

There isn't much you can do other than encourage them, be there for them when you can, and let them realize that you are their friend unconditionally, and as such you need to encourage them to seek medical help. There are doctors who can determine exactly what the problem is.

Should you tell a girl you like her if a friend already likes her?

Although it may be embarrassing, you can always tell somebody you like them, and nothing bad will happen. And who cares if your friend likes her? If you like somebody try to get them to realize it, or just let it out. ^-^

What do you do when someone you love doesn't love you?

You have to respect their feelings let them be, let go and move on. I realize it may not be what you want to hear but you cannot force someone to feel something they don't. remember, the hardest thing in the world is the watch the one you love love somebody else... but also remember what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger...

How will you know if your boyfriend is not over with his ex?

If he spends time with them and is constantly talking with them or about them chances are he is still harbouring feelings for them. If you do see this behaviour and realize he does in fact still want her its best to let them go sort out their feelings as they cannot be committed to you in anyway until he deals with his feelings for her - basically you would be a rebound.

Why did my ex called out of the blue?

Maybe that they have recently thought about you, and wanted to catch up. Or realize that they still has feelings for you and wants to try and get back together.

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