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how to fix a hole in a in ground pol.

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A person can fill an in-ground pool with cement in order to close it forever. People tend to make this decision when they no longer wish to care for the pool.

It would be one you dig with a shovel and fill with your garden hose. Really.

Dig a hole, put the pole in, and fill the hole with cement. Support the pole overnight with whatever you want.

We always filled ours with a garden hose and it took forever. You can have a water truck fill it up, but that costs money. We filled it until the water was half way up the skimmer hole. Good luck.

The water will flow over whatever is surrounding the pool, and will run towards the lowest part of the garden.

You can buy pool chlorine for an inground pool in Austin, Texas at your local Leslie's Pool Supply. They have a great selection.

There are many places one can accquire inground pool covers. A couple of the places that one can purchase an inground pool cover is at Pleasure Pools and Backyard City Pools.

How big is the star dust inground swimming pool.

Sink holes around pools are commonly caused by leaks in the pool or underground pipes. This affects the structural integrity of the pool and what I have seen as a permanent fix is to pump concrete into the sink hole after the leak is repaired. it is fluid enough to fill the hole completely and will harden for support, you will never compact dirt enough to give the pool wall support.

The reality is that the average inground pool liner will last 8-12 years.

There are several variables that affect the overall cost of building and maintaining an inground pool, including the size of the pool and the material will comprise it. In the Chicagoland area a small, basic inground pool will cost between $20,000 and $50,000. Some of the larger, deeper and more high-end inground pools can cost as much as $100,000. Factors into the Cost of the Pool: Size, Region, Materials, Add-on. Ways to Reduce Your Inground Pool Cost: Buy Off-Season, Shop Around, Do It Yourself.

As long as the vinyl liner pool is inground, it can be converted. But you'll probably have to remove all of the vinyl pool elements until you have reduced the pool to a big hole in the ground and then start from there. All it takes is time and money!

Yes, this can be done however, basically the only thing you can use from your vinyl pool is the actual 'hole' and maybe equipment. The cost is not much less than having a new gunite pool built.

form_title=Hire a Swimming Pool Contractor form_header=Install a swimming pool in your back yard for hours of fun and enjoyment. What size of pool are you looking to get?=_ Will this be an inground or above ground pool?= () Inground () Above

I have to clean my pool every 2 days.......

are you a pool dealer? What state are you in?

With lots of dirt fill. make sure it has been compacted and be vigilant of the washouts after the pool has been intalled, Use concrete in the washouts to prevent further erosion.

I have etching in my inground concrette pool and i need to know how to fix it. the pool was made in 1973 i bought the house three years ago.

You can install a inground swimming pool by getting a timer kit at your local home improvement store.

The cost of a 16 x 32 inground pool with a liner varies somewhat depending on the shape of the pool. The average cost of this type of pool is between 6000 dollars and about 8000 dollars.

To remove excess rain water in an inground pool, you likely want to get a filter. You can also install a drain at the very bottom of the pool, but this will need to be closed if there were water in the pool for swimming.

It's free when u dig a hole and fill it with water.

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