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I'm not sure about your area, but were I live(MN) most junk yards wont give you anything(pay for the towing to get it there at most). You are better of donating the car, usually a tech. college will take it and then you write it off for a tax rebait.

Go to the yellow pages. Call the auto recyclers there. If the car will drive to the junk yard, you should expect it to have some value. If it must be towed, different yards may have different needs and may pay different prices if anything at all. If a yard needs your car, they should be willing to pay something for it. A friend just sold a repairable, but not very driveable 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee for $500 to a junk yard. It needed $1000 to $2000 worth of transimission work, which the junk yard can easily do for $500 and sell the Jeep for $2,500 when finished.


Why give it away for free? Put it on Craigslist with a short description and couple of photos. BE HONEST about what's wrong with it, and someone will buy it no matter what's wrong with it (for parts or repair). The Yellow Pages as mentioned above is also a good second alternative, call around for the best offer, and some of them will negotiate. Or search for "junk car" from the homepage of your local Craigslist and find dozens of ads by people looking for unwanted non-running cars.

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The price of scrap metals changes almost daily. Call your local junk yard for the current price they'll pay for your junk car.

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Q: How can you find a junkyard in your area that will pay cash for an old car?
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Where can someone get cash for their old car?

Someone can get cash for their old cars in many ways. They can bring it to a junkyard, or have it picked up, and get a lump sum of cash that way, or bring it to a used car dealer.

Where can one find a guide to get cheap parts on a junkyard?

Popular Mechanics has a guide on their website entitled Junkyard 101: How to Find Cheap Car Parts. Additionally, Car Craft also has such a guide, entitled Junkyard Engine Spotter's Guide, which focuses on cheap car engine parts rather than overall car parts.

Where can i find a brake fluid cap for your car to replace the one i lost?

dealer or junkyard

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How do I buy a car for cash in ny state?

You find a car for sale, you get the cash, and you pay for it.

The car is a traveling junkyard?

If someone tells you that your car is a traveling junkyard, they are telling you that your car is a piece of junk. Your car is most likely very old and not in very good shape.

If you have the title to your car but never had it transferred to your name can you sell it to a junkyard?

If the title is not in your name, you do not have the right to sell it to a junkyard.

Where can someone find car buyers in their area?

Are you wondering where to find the best Car Buyers Near Me? If yes, then Melbourne Towing Cash For Cars is the best cash-for-car service provider in your locality. Sell us your unwanted car, truck, van, or ute and get instant Cash For Cars deal from us. If itโ€™s a clunker we buy it from you and pay you money for that vehicle. Our team will come to your place or you can come to us for the pickup. Don't have time? We will pick up the vehicle from anywhere in Melbourne and pay you instantly for the clunker. We come with cash in hand ready to give you money for a car deal so call us today and get CASH FAST.

Where can you find an accelerator cable for a 1991 Lincoln Town Car if the platic end broke and you are told they're not available?


What price could I get now if I sold my auto to a junkyard for scrap metal?

It depends on what type of car you have to determine what kind of cash you can get for it. You can get around $100 to $300 for scrap metal on your vehicle.

How do I sell a junk car for cash?

Bring it to a junkyard. Some junkyards will give you $500.00 for your junk car. That's on the high end, but if your car is really old and made out of lots of steal and less plastic you have a good chance to get a good chunk of money.

Where can one find information about cash register car insurance?

You can find information about cash register car insurance at Auto Insurance Quotes, Auto Insure, Direct General, Manta, Insurance Lower and Cash Register Insurance.

Where can I find a car for under 1000?

Go to a junkyard and look there. Or look on craigslist, lots of people will sell their cars on craigslist. Or maybe a relative can sell your son a car.

What to do when you break the window pane of your mom's car?

Call safelite or gO to a junkyard and find the window for cheep and look up how to put it in

What happens if a car has dents and is repossessed?

It gets placed in the junkyard. In order to get the vehicle back you must you pay your bill, as well as pay your local junkyard company to get your car back.

Do you need to transfer title when selling car to junkyard?

If it is signed by the origanal owner and no one else has signed it yes you can sell it to a junkyard.

How did junkyard dog die?

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Will a junkyard give me cash for my car?

Usually, yes they will, and often they'll come and tow it off too. What you're really going to want to look for are 'scrap' yards. A simple search for those in your area should give you a good amount of options. Find out a price from one, and use it as leverage for the others. You may be able to haggle a bit and bump up your profit.

That car is a traveling junkyard what is the figure of speech?

The direct comparison to a "junkyard" is a metaphor, since it is only similar in appearance, not in size, shape, or function.

Where can one find car parts for a Volvo?

There are many places one can find parts for a Volvo. One good place to look is any used car dealership that sells Volvo's. Another is a parts junkyard such as Pull A Part.

Can you create your own car on burnout paradise?

No. But you can paint the cars that are in the junkyard.

How do I find a buyer for my junk car?

There are a few choices to find a buyer for your junk car. If you have a way to haul it yourself then you can take it to a scrapyard and actually make a few extra bucks from the scrapyard. They will remove any parts that could be reused or salvaged and then crush the car. You can also usually find ads in the newspaper for companies who will pick your car up for free, and then they will take the car to the scrapyard. If you do not have a newspaper hand, you can view the classified section of your newspaper online. If the car is still running, try or If there are still good parts, contact a junkyard in your area.

they pawn car titles for cash?

they pawn car titles for cash”