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To find doctors specializing in oral medicine try the website:

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Q: How can you find a periodontist and orthodontist in the Nogales Mexico area?
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What is the country code and area code of Nogales- Son. Mexico?

The country code and area code of Nogales- Son., Mexico is 52, (01)631.

Where is nogales and sonora Mexico?

I guess you mean where is Nogales, Sonora, Mexico. Nogales is a city and its surrounding municipality on the northern border of the Mexican State of Sonora. The municipality covers an area of 1,675 square kilometers (647 sq mi), and borders to the north the city of Nogales, Arizona, United States, across the US-Mexico border. Its coordinates are: 31°19'N 110°57'W It is about 1 hour south of the Tucson AZ Airport.

Which congressman represents Nogales AZ area?


What is the best orthodontist near Reading, Pennsylvania?

Barrer & White Orthodontists is a great orthodontist office in West Reading, Pennsylvania. There are several great orthondontists in the Reading, Pennsylvania area. Online search engines can be a good place to find orthodontist reviews and choose the best one in your area.

Looking for Invisalign braces in the Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico area Understand they are made here Does anyone know of an orthodontist here and ballpark fig for cost?

Call Dr. Pesqueira in Guadalajara. He is a fluent English speaking, Invisalign certified orthodontist. Tel. 52-33-3616-5498. E mail:

Where in Mexico is area code 678?

There is no area code 678 in Mexico.

What is the area of Mexico in miles?

The area of Mexico is 758,452 square miles.

What is the area of State of Mexico?

The area of State of Mexico is 22,357 square kilometers.

What is the area of Northeastern Mexico?

The area of Northeastern Mexico is 293,576 square kilometers.

If working for a periodontist does the dental hygienist get a higher hourly pay?

I just got hired by a periodontist and the pay is about $4.00 more an hour then when i was working for a general dentist. After 2 months I will be paid per procedure and expect to make at least $7.00 more per hour. I suppose this all depends on the area you are living in.

Is here an area code 021 in Mexico?

Area codes in Mexico do not begin with zero.

What is the area code for Zuni New Mexico?

505 is the area code for Zuni, New Mexico.

What country is largest in land area Mexico or Canada?

canada is larger then mexico in land area

Where was the area known as the New Mexico territory?

The area that was known as the New Mexico Territory was comprised of the now New Mexico and the now Arizona.

All mexico area codes?

Mexico has about 400 area codes. Ask a more specific question.

Where in Mexico is area code 984?

In Mexico, the 984 area code serves the state of Quintana Roo.

What did area code 520 change to?

Basically the southeastern part of the state of Arizona.

Most densely populated area of Mexico?

Mexico City

looking for orthodontist in the cinicnnati area?

martinez fernando 6381 Bridgetown Rd, Cincinnati, OH�?? - (513) 598-9800�??

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What is the total area in square miles of New Mexico?

New Mexico covers an area of 121,697 sq miles.

How big is Mexico in square meters?

The area of Mexico is approximately 1.964*10^12 square meters.

What is the area between the US and Mexico called?

US-Mexico border

Is the poorest area in Mexico 's called saltire?

No. The poorest area in Mexico is the municipality of Metlatonoc, in the state of Guerrero.

Is Area 51 in New Mexico?

No. Area 51 is in Nevada.