How can you find a right husband for your life?

to find the right husband simply means to find the right guy and is actually much easier. the first step is dont try too much. let it flow. a guy would only be perfect for you is when you dont try hard enough to impress someone. if you put so much effort in just impressing, imagine what will you do when you both are ready to settle down, stress yourself in impressing him all the time? just make some guy friends and if there is one guy you felt comfortable with, then maybe consider him as the love of your life. love at first sight are very rare so instead of picking the right guy from his handomse feature, just look around you and see who has really been there for you. i hope i dont confuse you too much

another point is that a perfect relationship doesnt always comes with flowers and chocolates and everytime spending time together or constant text messaging with erotic and cuddly smses. ive seen enough those ends early as they are trying too much and eventually exhausted. so when you are dating, just take it easy. dont expect fine dining, special valentine and messaging till the wee hour on nonsense. occasionally is okay but dont expect it to be a relationship habit. think how stressing is it for him too to constantly impressing you.

conclusion: just take it easy. dont stress yourself too much about it. make some friends then find the right guy around you rather than going head hunting for him. hope it helps