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change the egr valve

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Q: How can you find and fix an EGR flow circuit malfunction on a 2002 Galant?
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Where do you find the ocv code P1656 on a 2002 Toyota corolla?

Trouble code P1656 means:Oil control valve OCV circuit malfunction bank 1

Where is the camshaft position sensor for a 2002 Mitsubishi galant 2.4L 4 clyinder?

Where can I find the camshaft sensor for my car 2002 mitubishi galant es 4 clyinder

How do you change spark plugs for a 2003 Mitsubishi galant spark plugs?

2002 galant , can't find the spark plugs

Where is the transmission filter on a 2002 Mitsubishi Galant ES automatic transmission was given a screw on filter but can't find it anywhere 15 bolt pan?

how to do a transmission flush on a 2002 mitsubishi galant es?

Where is the thermostat located on a 2002 Mitsubishi Galant es 4 cylinder?

You can find it next to the battery. The batter will need to be removed

Where can one find a Mitsubishi Galant for sale?

One can find a Mitsubishi Galant for sale on Craigslist. The Mitsubishi Galant is an automobile manufactured by Mitsubishi Motors between 1969 and 2012.

How do circuit breaker keep the wires in a electrical circuit from overheating?

A circuit breaker is designed to 'break' in a circuit if a short circuit (or other malfunction) occurs. This prevents overheating (or burn-out) of the circuit wires. In older systems, you would need to find which fuse wire has fused and replace it. In a circuit breaker, once the fault has been found and corrected, the breaker is simply switched back on.

How can i get a distributor's wiring diagram for a 95 Galant?

You can get a distributor's wiring diagram for a 1995 Galant online at places like The Galant Center. You can also find the diagram at Mitsubishi Motors.

Where do you find a free wiring diagram for a 2002 Mazda Milenia?

Wiring diagram of what circuit on the vehicle.

Where can you find the line that goes to your AC in a 2002 4-cylinder Mitsubishi Galant to unclog it?

I do know that there is a rubber nipple on the firewall that you have to find to unclog. I am guessing that it is close to where you see the a/c tubes enter the firewall

Where can you find electrical diagram for 2001 galant?

Try the Chilton's manual for the Galant. It has lots of detailed info on every aspect of the car.

Your 2006 galant has an error code on the radio saying e dc?

my 2006 galant is doing the same thing did you find out what was causing this?

You could find the first magazine in Paris in?

in the year 1672. published by the journal Mercure Galant. in the year 1672. published by the journal Mercure Galant.

Can scantrons malfunction?

Any piece of technology can malfunction. The best person to find out if your machine has malfunctioned is a factory trained repair technician.

How do you repair an open circuit OC indicator on a 2002 Trailblazer rear view mirror?

You'll have to find the open circuit, either a corroded or damaged connection, broken wire or faulty motor.

Where would you find the anti theft code for a 2000 Galant?

To find the anti theft code for a 2000 Mitsubishi Galant, you must visit a dealer. You must have the radio serial number, the radio part number, and the VIN.

Where do you find a repair manual for a 1993 eagle 2000gtx?

The eagle 2000 gtx is the exact same car as the Mitsubishi Galant, and the similar Galant had production years from 1989-1993, from my sources anyways. Either track down a repair manual for the Galant or go to and pay the $20 for the online repair manual version to the Galant.

Where can you find a Cd player code for a 2003 galant?

the dealership is the only place.

How do you remove dash in 2000 galant es?

find all the screws and unscrew them

What is the importance of short circuit and open-circuit test?

in short circuit test you can find copper losses and open circuit test you can find iron losses

How do i find if wiring circuit is broken?

A multimeter will help you find if the wiring circuit is broken.

Where is the thermostat on a 1998 Mitsubishi Galant?

On a Mitsubishi Galant, the thermostat is located in the thermostat housing. Find the upper hose on the radiator and follow it to where it's connected at the engine and you'll see the housing.

Where could one find reviews on Mitusbishi Galant cars?

Reviews on Mitsubishi Galant cars can be found online at a vast variety of car-review-websites and car review-blogs. You will also find information about all recent car models in catalogues.

How do you program keyless 2004mitsubishi galant?

You need to find the model of the aftermarket alarm and check the instructions

What about transmission filter it wasnt in the trainsmission pan were eould it be mits galant2002 4cyc?

couldn't find where the transmission filter go on a mits galant 2002 4cyc do anyone know where it would be on my car we drop the transmission fluid pan it wsnt there?