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Q: How can you find info on a vintage Ideal Junior wood burning stove made by the American Radiator Co of Chicago?
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Where can one buy American Vintage clothes online?

American Vintage clothing could be purchased at One World Avenue, Cross Border Market Place, they carry a great selection. Polyvore also carries many American Vintage items.

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The best place for an interested buyer looking for vintage American Girl dolls is the online auctioning site eBay. At eBay, one can find several different vintage American Girl dolls for auction or purchase.

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One can purchase vintage American girl books by going to thrift store and sorting through their second hand books. One could also buy the vintage collections that are sold on Amazon.

What eyeglasses does Morgan freeman wear in oblivion?

Vintage American Optical

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in the show they got them at vintage stores or second hand stores . in real life they had a designer make them. i get most of my clothes from vintage or second hand stores too.

What kind of hats did tupac shakur wear?

Tupac Shakur wore snapback hats such as Vintage American Needle Blockheads, including a Chicago White Sox , & Oakland A's (as seen in poetic justice) he also wore Vintage Sports Specialties Script such as UNLV running rebels (as seen in Brenda's Got a Baby.)

What are the release dates for American Chopper The Series - 2003 Senior's Vintage Project 3-9?

American Chopper The Series - 2003 Senior's Vintage Project 3-9 was released on: USA: 27 February 2006

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One company that specializes in vintage telephones and will also restore one, if needed, is the Chicago Old Telephone Co. Check out their website at

What is the age of an upright piano Whitney Chicago No 79990?

This is just a rough estimate, but it's probably approximately 1905 to 1910 vintage.

How much is a rare Chicago Bulls vintage sports specialtie snapback hat autographed by Michael Jordan worth?

very rare

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If you are interested in vintage Christmas Ecards, 123Greetings has a good selection. Other acceptable alternatives include Hallmark and American Greetings.

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If you actually mean real vintage(think vintage it means "old") try second hand clothing stores I'm sure your local city has some, try checking out Buffalo Exchange. But if you mean vintage-inspired, try H&M or American Apparel, or eBay just type in vintage.

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It is worth 1 million dollars

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Vintage Chicago White Sox Baseball Pinstripe Starter

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How vintage is vintage? Red is + and Yellow is -

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Crowd of vintage

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The grapes used in vintage champagne are all harvested in the same year; they are not in non-vintage champagne.

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urban outfitters forever 21 ( their heritage 1981 section) american apparel

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Vintage Chicago White Sox Baseball Pinstripe Starter

What the meaning of vintage in tagalog?


What are common phrases using the word vintage?


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tablier vintage