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Looks like yours, based on the serial number, may have been manufactured by Browning as the possibly the 304'th made in 1953. I don't think that Sears made a great deal of the 30-30 because the 30-06 was more popular in the model 53. My brother has the same model 30-30 as you with the serial number 28553, and we had been wondering if the last two numbers were idicative of manufacture date. I am still assuming that they are, until somebody shows me otherwise. The gun also has a side mounted scope so that he can use scope or sights. You can contact me at as John99c. There is a good message board there with plenty of gun experts, many of which are collectors and gunsmiths. A Sears stock number beginning with 273, not Z73, indicates manufacture by Winchester. Both the Model 54 and #273.81 cross reference to Winchester 94. The Sears Model 53 is a Winchester 70, a bolt-action not even remotely similar to a Winchester 94 lever-action. I have no idea what the 28553 is. It may actually be a serial number, but there should be a 273.--- number on this rifle too.

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Q: How can you find information for a Sears Roebuck mod 54 cal 30 30 Winchester model number z73810 serial 30453 what year it was made value exc there is no listing for this rifle at all?
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What can you tell me about a sears roebuck 12 gauge serial number 273.514010?

I believe that your Sears shotgun is a Winchester model 37A shotgun that was made for Sears Roebuck And Co,.

How can you find the age or year of manufacture for Winchester model 54?

Buy listing the serial number in the question you have asked.

When was the model 54 win from sears and roebuck made and what's the value model number is273811 serial number is 46051?

I can say that a sears model 54 was produced by Winchester.The model is a Winchester model 1894.I may help more but your listing of another model number and serial number is confusing.There should be only one model number and one serial number.Please check your numbers again and I may be able to help you more.

Who made the sears roebuck model 54 30-30 no 273.2120 what years were they made and how much is it's worth?

I am pretty sure Sears made the Sears Roebuck model number you are asking about. You should only have 2 questions here not 3. The Model 54 was made by Winchester. It is a post - 1964 copy of the Winchester Model 94. You can see the store brand cross reference information at Numrich gun parts website.

Who made sears and roebuck 22 cal butt tube feed rifle?

Mossberg,Browning and Winchester are 3 possibles- but contact me with the MODEL number from the rifle, and we can tell.

Production dates for Sears Roebuck 22 caliber rifle model number one?

No publicly available information

How can you find the age or year of manufacture for Winchester model 64 rifles?

By listing the serial number with your question.The serial number is the only way to determine the correct year of manufacture.

What is value Winchester serial number 91344?

Impossible to value a weapon with only the serial number and no other information.

What is the age of a Winchester with a serial number of 40038?

Impossible to answer without any other information.

Where can you find out the date of manufacture of a model 101?

The Blue Book of Gun Values has a listing of Winchester Model 101 manufacture years by serial number. This listing, though, ends in 1971 and the Model 101 continued in production for many years after that.

When was the Winchester with serial number F735589 made?

Not enough information. Model number would be important to know.

What is value of a Winchester pump 22 serial number is 91344?

No way to value with only the serial number and no other information.

What year was your Winchester model 121707?

Your question has used the serial number of your Winchester,not the Model number.Please include a description of your Winchester along with the model number,and the serial number to get a answer about your Winchester.

What year is a model 1897 Winchester pump action shotgun with a serial number of D401xxx or other information?

Winchester Model 1897 serial number D401000 was manufactured in the year 1908. Bert H.

How old is a Winchester 101 serial number 394011?

1959-71 is a s close as information I have.

What is the value of Winchester serial number 2022y3?

Impossible to value with only the sn and no other information.

What is the selling price do a Winchester 1894 serial?

No serial number given or any other information.

What is the value of Winchester serial number 297 year 1912?

Impossible to answer without more information.

What is the age of a Winchester model 12 shotgun with the serial number of 533668?

1928 There is a listing of serial number runs at:

What is Georg Listing's phone number?

WikiAnswers does not give out personal information about celebrities and non celebrities alike.

What year was the Ted Williams model 100 30-30 lever action rifle serial no 273.532141 made?

The number you are referring to is not the serial number. That number is the catalog number for Sears & Roebuck. The serial number is on the bottom of the rifle. V147XXX (example). These guns are essentially a Winchester 94 made for Sears & Roebuck Company produced between 1964 through 1978. There are no records available to confirm the exact year it was produced. Hope this helps.

When was Winchester model 12 16 gauge shotgun made serial 1779186?

The Winchester Model 12 16 gauge shotgun, with serial number 1779186, was made in 1918. This is according to the information released by Winchester.

What is the phone number of the Winchester Public Library in Winchester?

The phone number of the Winchester Public Library is: 217-742-3150.

When was the Winchester model 12 serial number 449988 manufactured?

According to McHenry Sportsmen's Club listing, ( ) it was manufactured in 1927.

What year was Winchester 94 30-30 serial number 2744409 made? has sn information.