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Go to web site and download the Schematics or Instructions for pretty much any model you want for a low low price of a couple bucks

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Where can you find disassembly instructions for a Marlin Model 80 rifle?

Contact Marlin.

Where can you find disassembly instructions for a Marlin Model 1936 rifle?

Get a copy of the Gun Digest Asembly/Disassembly instructions for centerfire rifles. The Marlin Mod 36 is included.

Marlin model 60. Help needed with Marlin model 60 loading instructions. I have no experience with tubular magazines. Thank you?

You can contact Marlin directly at their 800 number, as they will send you a owner's manual. The model 60 is still made.

Is a Marlin Model 39A the same as Marlin Model 39M?

The marlin model 39A is the rifle model,while the Marlin model 39M is the carbine model.

Where can you find instructions to safely disassemble a Marlin Model 336 RC lever action for cleaning?

Marlin 336 Owners Manual at Marlin Firearms website:

Marlin model 100 firing pin?

Try Numrich Gun Parts online

What is the Marlin model of a JC Higgins Model 103.13?

Marlin 81

What marlin model is?

model 55 the original marlin goose gun

How do you Disassemble a Marlin model 989?

On the main Marlin Firearms website, there is a section labeled "Owners Manuals", from which you can download the manuals of Marlin products in .pdf form. Assembly and disassembly instructions should be included in these manuals. See related link.

What was the first year for the Marlin Model 925?

The Marlin model 925 22 long rifle, was first introduced in 2003. Before that it was Glenfield Marlin model 25 or just Marlin model 25. Hope this helps.

When was the marlin model 80G produced?

The Marlin model 80G was a promotional model that was made from 1960-1965.

What year was a Marlin model 97 with the serial number 285448 made?

your marlin model 1897 was made by marlin in 1903.

What year did marlin make model 995?

The marlin model 995 was made by marlin between the years 1995-1999.

What magazine fits the glenfeild model 25?

A Marlin magazine. The model 25 is the same as a Marlin model 80.

What year Marlin model 1897 serial number 168xxx?

Your marlin model 1897 .22cal rifle was made by marlin in 1898.

What year is the marlin model 80 dl bolt action 22 from?

The marlin model 80dl was made by marlin from 1940-1965.

Who is the manufacturer of the JC Higgins Model 43 22 cal rifle?

The J.C. Higgins Model 43 was manufactured by Marlin Firearms. It is the same as the marlin Model 83 Blackhawk_45 The J.C. Higgins Model 43 was manufactured by Marlin Firearms. It is the same as the marlin Model 83 Blackhawk_45

When was the marlin model 80 made?


What Marlin rifle is the cross reference for the Coast to Coast model 42?

Marlin model 70.

What is age of a marlin model 336 serial 24110916?

Your Marlin model 336 was produced in 1976.

When was the Marlin Model 21 shotgun made?

Your Marlin model 21,which was the straight grip version of the model 19 shotgun,was made from 1906-1907 by the Marlin Firearm Company.

Marlin firearms model 81-dl?

Your Marlin model 81DL was a promotional model that was made by Marlin from 1940-1965.These range in price from 65-100 dollars.

What is the age of a 32-40 marlin model 1893 serial 96230?

Your marlin model 1893 was made by marlin firearms in 1894.

What year was a marlin model 336A 35 rem serial G 29019 made?

your marlin model 336A was made by marlin in 1950.

What year was marlin model 1894 made serial122261?

With the serial number that you have supplied,your Marlin model 1894 was made by Marlin in the year 1895.