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How did they prevent fires in Chicago after the great Chicago fire?

rebuilt with brick

Who is the Chicago fires coach?

Denis Hamlett

How were most homes heated in 1900?

Homes in the 1900s were heated with fires in stoves and fireplaces. Later in the 1900s central heat and air came into the picture to make homes more comfortable.

The problems that city residents faced in the late 1800s and early 1900s?

The problems that city residents faced in the late 1800s and early1900s were illness,garbage piling up, dangers of fires, partial (volunteer) fire department times, crime, and overcrowded tenements.

How did early man invent fires?

By rubbing 2 pieces of wood together which then made a fire.

How did tools help early humans?

Tools helped early humans to hunt and forage for food. Early tools also helped humans to build fires, travel, and set up shelters.

How did early humans protect themselves?

They light fires outside their caves and killed the animals that tried to attack them.

How did people die during coal mining?

Most coal miners in the 1800s in the USA died from, in order of most common to less common:roof collapses, slate fallsmethane gas - inhaledexplosion from TNT explosivesexplosion from methane gas ignitingspontaneous coal fires and smoke inhalationbreaking through to adjacent chamber filled with water, e.g. drowninglate 1800s-early 1900s -- electrical fires, machinery malfunctions

Do only firefighters put out California fires?

When you put 'only' after 'Do' it really confused me... but no. Only firefighters from that city puts out that fire that's in that city. such as Chicago IL for example, only the firefighter station from Chicago puts out Chicago and their fire. If that's what you meant. Hope this helped!

What types of fires are there?

wild fires, forest fires, ouse fires, cooking fires, etc.I'm pretty sure there are more.

How did early people adapt to colder areas after migrating out of Africa?

The early people hunted and used an animal`s skin to make coats and/or blankets. They also made fires with wood.

What are the various type of fire?

There are four classes of fire: A) fires caused by combustible materials, B) fires caused by flammable liquids, C) fires caused by electrical sources, and D) fires caused by ignitable metals. Several different types of fires are structural fires, vehicle fires, industrial fires, and open burning. Electrical and grease fires are another type of fire.

How do you say 'fires' in Bulgarian?

fires is a plural of fire fire...огън

What occrued in 1212?

The most severe of several early fires of London burns most of the city to the ground, Over 3,000 people die.

What affects can thunderstorms have?

fires and wild fires

How can fires happen?

There are lots of ways fires can happen. To prevent fires, don't play with matches.

Do muck fires just happen in Florida?

No, muck fires can start anywhere there is muck. That's why they're called MUCK fires, not Florida fires.

What fire extinguisher types 2 use on all fires?

red = water and is used for wood paper textiles and solid material fires. DO not use on liquid elictrical or metal fires. blue = powder and is used for liquid and electrical fires. DO not use on metal fires. yellow = foam and is used for liquid fires. DO not use on electrical or metal fires black = carbon dioxide (CO) and is used for liquid and electrical fires DO not use on metal fires. halon can be used on all fires as well as dry chemical

When was the first signal fire invented?

Barbarians used signal fires to warn ships of the coastlines thousands of years ago - an early form of lighthouse.

What were the conditions like in factories in the early 1800s?

Bad.They were unsafe and many fires were started and many people were killed/injured. Many children worked in them

How did early people adapt to keep warm in cold?

They probably warmed themselves up with animal skins and also maybe keeping warm with fires

Fuel limited vs ventilation limited fires?

range fires vs. underground seam fires.

What does the fireman do for a living?

they putout fires in either buildings, houses or forest fires. they protect people from the fires

Were people lighting fires in the Victorian bushfires?

Yes!!!!!!!!!(how could they) people were lighting fires deliberately but most fires were caused by lightning and other fires. Some fires were suspected to be caused by cigarette butts & power tools

How do forest fires get there names?

from fires in the forests! lol