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How can you find out about putting in an application for section 8 housing in Greensboro?


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Check with you local Housing Authority there.

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Call the housing authority or the person who took your application and inquire.

To apply for public housing or Housing Choice (AKA Section 8) vouchers, you will need to visit your local public housing authority along with your income details.

The only way to find out the status of your section 8 application or position on the waiting list is to call the Housing Authority that maintains the list.

Yes you can. You need to go to the local housing authority and fill out an application. Also ask them about multifamily section 8 properties and how to get on their waiting lists too.

The only place you can apply for section 8 is a Housing Authority, and only if they have an open waiting list.

You need to go to the Los Angeles Housing Authority's website and fill out an application:

Local public housing authorities are responsible for approving applications for Section 8 housing assistance. Proper identification and proof of income, along with a completed application will be required for applicants.

This depends upon your city and state. A full listing of places to apply for section 8 housing is available at

You usually will have to visit the local housing authority to apply since the application is not online. Have attached two related sites, though.

Please direct me to the correct website to apply foropen section 8 housing voucher application for the following states. Florida, Washington, Minnisots, Michigan.

There are several things required to apply for section 8 housing. The major one are the pre-application form and you must have prove of ownership for the house you are applying for.

If you do not have a printer, go to your local library and ask them to help you print this.

You need to contact the office in your county and state that accepts Section 8 applications. The agency is typically The Housing Authority. You will fill out an application and supply proofs for county of birth, citizenship, family members and ages, income, etc. Only after filling out your application and the agency verifying your information are you placed on their Section 8 housing list.

You must apply for subsidized housing by completing an application with the housing authority in your area. If you are approved for Section 8, the housing authority will help you locate properties. Keep in mind that there is a long waiting list (three to five years) in many urban areas. will help you find out if you qualify for secion 8 housing, and if so, what you need to do in order to apply. You must apply for subsidized housing by completing an application with the housing authority in your city/county/state to see if you qualify. Some housing developments allow you to complete an application on-site. Consideration is given to income, dependents and other factors. Once approved, you will be given a Section 8 voucher and advised of availability.

You have to apply in person to the local housing authority. The HUD website does have information about how the programs work. Also check on the multi family section 8 program (this is different that the voucher program and may have a shorter waiting list)

Call your local houseing authority and fill out an application you will be put on a list and they well notify you when you are at the top. This could take 1-6 years. Also check out the multi family section 8 properties. (This is different than the section 8 housing choice voucher program.)

You need to go to the section 8 housing office behind Big Lots in London. They will give you an application and a list of the low income apartments in London.

Call your local housing authority that is associated with HUD. It should be in the government pages of your phone book.

If you are applying for Section 8 assistance, you will need to contact a local office of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. To do that, simply go on HUD's web site. There, you will find links for each state. If you do not qualify for Section 8, but still need low-income housing, you should contact your city's housing department to see what low-income housing options have been developed in your area. An applicaton for low income housing can be obtained from the rental property you'd like to live in. See the property manager for an application.

section 8 is a housing program for low income families. which is much better than public housing,You must have heard in the Military section 8 means your crazy.Sothe housing should have picked a better term so its not demeaning. "Section 8" refers to the act of Congress which created it. It was established as part of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974. The part of that Act which created this program was an amendment of Section 8 of the U.S. Housing Act of 1937. Hence the name "Section 8 Housing".

Yes Boston does have section 8 housing. Check out the Boston Housing Authority web page to see if you qualify.

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No, you cannot receive Section 8 housing if you have a felony. If you are convicted of a crime while on Section 8 housing, you will lose the housing. you can get section 8 as long as the felony 3 years old am I a felon?

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