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How can you find out how much old coins are worth?

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There are several ways. The most accurate way is to take your coins to a coin dealer. They should be able to tell you if any of your coins are of any numismatic, or collectible value. When it comes to old coins there are two main classifications:

Bullion or "junk" coins are primarily valued for their silver (or gold, or platinum) content. Things like quarters dated 1964 or earlier, war nickels (1942-1945), Peace Dollars, Silver Eagles, etc. these coins may be in good shape but simply aren't rare enough to have people collecting them. These are sold not just to coin collectors but investors who want to own precious metals.

Numismatic or collectible coins are primarily valued for their rarity, beauty or age. Things like the 1909-S VDB wheat penny is worth around 3 cents in copper content, but is worth $200 or more in collectible value. Things like key-date coins such as the 1916-D Mercury Dime may be worth a lot even in poor condition. Similarly, a relatively common coin like a 1930 Standing Liberty Quarter, may only be worth its silver content if well-worn, but if in uncirculated condition can be worth much more.

A coin dealer could best tell you if any of the coins you have fit either of the two categories. Keep in mind though that any offers a coin dealer is offering you is as a middleman, and will be lower than if you were to, say, sell your coins directly via Craigslist or Ebay, but they will be much easier to sell, especially if you don't know much about coins.

One final thing to keep in mind is to never clean your coins. Cleaning coins, especially coins of collectible value, will always reduce their value, it can turn what would be a $50 coin into a $10 coin. Cleaning your coin will never increase their grade or condition.

2011-01-11 21:54:28
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Q: How can you find out how much old coins are worth?
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How much is a 1943 German penny worth?

Answer All coins are considered worth something depending on how many of that particular coin was minted in 1943. You can find this out by buying a book on old coins, and it will tell you how many were minted that year and what your coin is worth.

How do you sell old coins?

You could sell them at a coin store, eBay, or bring them to a coin show. And find out what there worth.

How much are 1 year old gold dollar coins worth?

A dollar

What is worth more old coins or old bills?

In general coins have higher values.

What are old coins worth?

Depends on the coin

How much are Italian coins worth?

Since Italy adopted the Euro, the old Lira coins are no longer legal tender. However, the TV shopping networks are selling pendants made from the "old" coins for big bucks.

Where do you find old coins?

You can find old coins in many places. You can find them in old houses or other places with a metal detector. You can also goo through your change to search out old coins. Obviously you can also go to your local coin shop where they will have a huge selection of old coins.

How much is an 1800 quarter worth?

400 dollars.

What are old Mexican coins worth?

it says in your coin

What is 50 bin lira worth?

go to a coin shop that collects old coins and see how much its worth if it is worth anything i have got one and that's what im going to do

How much is a 1967silver half dollar coin worth today?

I don't think it is worth much. You might be offered 3 times the face value at most. Most coins after 1965 are worth less because the silver content in them is different. Coins prior to 1964 are worth about 10 times the face value at most because of the silver content. Many jewelers and companies are buying old coins nowadays. You can easily get a free estimate for your coins.

How can you find out the worth of an old policy?

How can you find out the worth of an old policy?

Can old us coins automatically increase in value?

Generally speaking, old coins are worth more than face value, but by how much depends on factors like denomination, date, mint mark, and condition.

How much is a set of 1p coin from the year 1967?

its worth around 1p i see lots of coins from 1967. Surely no 1p coins in 1967? Decimalisation was 1970. Do you mean One Old Penny coins, as wide as £2 coins?

What year of coins are worth saving?

50 years or older with some special different coins before 50 years but overall i'd say 50 years to as old as you can find

Are coins minted in san francisco worth more than other mints?

old coins -yes

Are old coins from countries and or islands that dont exist anymore worth anything?

Yes, there are some old coins that are worth a lot of money from countries or islands that don't exist anymore. A coin dealer can check out the coins and give you a price for them.

What is positive about coins?

They are positively worth something. An old penny is always worth at least a penny.

How much are old coin worth?

There are old coins worth millions of US dollars, as well as old coins worth less than one US cent - as is the case with so many things in life, it depends. A description of the coin sufficient to identify it (country of issuance, denomination, year of issue, mintmark), as well as the coin's condition, all figure in to determining its value.

How do you find the value of an old postcard?

by putting it on eBay and seeing how much its worth

How do you find out old coins worth?

Take them to a coin dealer for an appraisal. It would be a good idea to borrow a price guide (the Blackbook or Guide to US Coins for US coins) from the library and try to separate the 'good stuff' from the 'junk' first.

What is the value of a 1986 bundesrepublik deutschland coin?

How is my old coins worth

How can you find out what an old black and white photo is worth?

I don't know how much they will be worth but you could check on Ebay.

How much does an 103 year old American pennie worth?

A 1907 Indian Head cent is the highest mintage of the series, retail values for circulated coins are $1.00-$3.00 for most coins.

Why is a 1945 penny worth so much?

Old coins are valuable because they're old and rare. The 1945 penny isn't worth remarkably more than other coins of its approximate age (in fact, it's worth a lot less than a 1944 steel penny, or a 1943 copper penny, both of which are extremely rare).