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You may contact Browning directly at there customer service dept.and they will provide you with the info that you seek.

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Q: How can you find out how old a FN Herstal Acier Special 12 gauge serial number F60386 gun is and where it was made?
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What is a browning fabrique nationale herstal belgique acier special c12 serial A73735 worth?

Basically impossible to value with just the serial number.

What is the age of a Nationale D'Armes De Guerre Herstal Belgique 32 cal with serial?

No serial number given.

When was a browning fabrique nationale d armes de guerre herstal belgigue acier special light twelve with a serial number 5G79411 made?

The 5G prefix to the serial number indicates that your browning was made by FN of Belguim for browning in 1965.

What caliber handgun is Fabrique Nationale d'Armes de Guerre Herstal Belgique serial 167021?

Impossible to tell from just the serial number.

What the age of a Browning patent depose fabrique national d'armes de guerre herstal-belgique serial number 155245?

I have one serial number 432356. what the age of it?

When was a FN Herstal 9mm Browning pistol serial number 89652a manufactured?

Impossible to answer without a detailed description.

What is the value of browning model acier special serial 12500 12 gauge with an engravings fabrique nationale herstal liege belgium browning's patents and oct91900-dec171901-sept301902-june161903?

Acier Special-C.12 Gauge Serial#384034 okg895 Fabric National D Armes Fabrique De-Guerre Herstal-Belgique what is this gun worthy

What year was a Fabrique National D'Armes Guerre Herstal BelgiQue 25 aka Baby Browing with serial number 4571xx?


When was colt police special serial number 67171 made?

About 1913 for a Colt police positive special with that serial number.

What is the date of a colt .45 revolver with a serial number of 35 361 and is this a special serial number?

1877 if it's a Single Action Army. Nothing special about the serial number.

What is value on a Herstal-Belgique 270 cal rifle Serial Number 12944?

You have a rifle made in Herstal Belgium, probably by FN. We do not know the model or condition, so cannot give you an answer with any real meaning. Sorry.

Fabrique Nationale D'armes De Guerre Herstal Belgique 32 cal pistol serial number 165911 What year is it and what is it worth?


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