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How can you find out how old a FN Herstal Acier Special 12 gauge serial number F60386 gun is and where it was made?


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You may contact Browning directly at there customer service dept.and they will provide you with the info that you seek.

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The 5G prefix to the serial number indicates that your browning was made by FN of Belguim for browning in 1965.

The Lovinsior Herstal double barrel shotgun, serial number P1K329,Êhas a 2 3/4 inch barrel.Ê It was made between 1952 and 1960.

Impossible to answer without a detailed description.

About 1913 for a Colt police positive special with that serial number.

1877 if it's a Single Action Army. Nothing special about the serial number.

You have a rifle made in Herstal Belgium, probably by FN. We do not know the model or condition, so cannot give you an answer with any real meaning. Sorry.

Impossible to answer. What special edition? What is the serial number?

your colt detective special dates to the year 1949 by the serial number provided.

It was made in 1960 in Herstal Belgium. Herstal is a suburb of the city of Liege in Eastern Belgium. The company that made all Belgium Brownings is Fabrique Nationale or better known as FN.

Please check your serial number or model number because the detective special does not show a AE prefix to the serial numbers in my records.

Impossable to answer without a description of the condition of your Browning shotgun,and the serial number.

Your serial number indicates that your Browning 16 gauge shotgun was made in the first year of production,which was 1909.

Are you sure the serial number is correct? The Colt detective special was first produced in 1927 with a starting serial number of 331000,The Colt police positive special from which the Colt detective special was derived from with the serial number 153817 was made in 1918

You will have to call Browning. The sn you list goes beyond published data.

A Colt police positive special with that serial number was made in 1964.

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