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A World Stamp Catalog is often a useful starting point, but they seldom give all the variants, so you may need a good catalog for the country concernced, or you may need to consult an expert. It's also useful to look on eBay, but please bear in mind that in some cases the 'same' stamp may have differences not visible on eBay, such as different watermarks. I suggest to use first the Scott's Catalog (go to your local library). Then you can go to E Bay; but Scott Catalog is the "Bible of Stamps," and you can have a very good idea about the price depending on the type of the stamp you have. You will need to know how to identify the different watermarks, color variations, different perforations, etc.

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Q: How can you find out if a foreign stamp is valuable?
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For foreign stamps it will depend on a large number of factors. What country issued it, whether they are used or mint, and their condition. Consult a stamp catalog for the country in question and identify the stamp. It will also assist you in finding the value.

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That will depend on the specific Swedish stamp you have. Some have a great deal of value, the most valuable stamp in the world is form Sweden, but most have a minimal value. The condition, cancellations, what it is attached to, watermarks, perforations and even color variations can affect the value. You will have to consult a postage stamp catalog to find out.

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You have to properly identify the stamp first. You will also need to rate its condition. A catalog can provide you information on how to do that and what the value is. You can also consult a philatelist who can help, or a dealer.

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There may not be a year printed on the stamp. You can consult a stamp catalog and identify the stamp. The entry will show the date of issue including the year.

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