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Q: How can you find out if one parent has taken out life insurance on a child without the other one knowing?
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Can a B positive father and b negative mother give birth to AB positive child?

Without knowing if either parent has A, this cannot be determined. If neither parent has A, then AB child is impossible.

Can a parent get life insurance on a child that is married without the spouses knowledge?

Is the child willing to sign the application and take the physical? I don't see why not.

Can a parent take a child out of the country without the consent of the other parent And if they do will child support continue?

You cannot take a child out of the country without the consent of the other parent.

Can a child buy life insurance on a parent?


Can an adult child insure the parent without their knowledge?

Yes,life insurance can be obtained by any one for anyone.Its kinda sad.

Can a parent emancipate from a child in MO?

no, in Missouri you can a parent to do that without the child having a place to go

Does a parent have to keep medical insurance on the child that they emancipate?

The obvious answer would be NO, why would you have to carry insurance on a child that is now considered an adult.

Does a child have to visit a parent without visitation rights?

No the child does not.

How does death of a parent affect a child?

, it affects a child because it puts stress on them and its there parent they gave birth to them its going to hurt them knowing theyre never going to see there parent again

Why should parents know there kids friends?

A good parent is responsible for knowing what their child is doing, and who they are doing it with. Knowing the child's friends is a key way for parents to pay attention to what the child is doing when the parent is not directly supervising them.

Who covers a child's car insurance with shared custody?

Either parent could provide insurance for a child under their auto insurance policy. Alternatively, the child could obtain their own auto insurance policy if either parent is willing to countersign sign the insurance application with the child. As far as liability causation the parent who facilitated the acquisition of the automobile wold have the greater responsibility for resulting damage and liabilities.

Can a parents have their child tested for drugs without the child knowing?


Can a parent kidnap a child?

If the non- custodial parent takes the child without permission it is considered kidnapping.

How long can a parent go without seeing the child before it is considered abandonment in the state of Michigan?

'Child abandonment' is when a child is intentionally left without either parent. If the child is with one parent, it doesn't matter how long it is that the other parent has seen it, it's not 'abandonment'.

Does the non-custodial parent need to have insurance on the child when paying child support in Texas?

Yes, if it is so ordered in the child support agreement. If the parent loses their insurance and the custodial parent has the ability to insure the child - it will be possible for the state to order the custodial parent to do so. This may change the amount of support the non custodial parent pays - it is entirely up to the whim of the courts.

Can a non-biological parent adopt the child of the birth parent without his or her signature?

Can a non biological parent. Adopt a child in the state of kentucky without a biological parents signature

What if the Mother with a plus A blood type and the father is O blood type what is the blood type o child?

A child with a parent with A positive and a parent with type O blood may be type A or type O. Without knowing the Rh factor of the second parent, it's not possible to say whether the child may have Rh negative blood.

Can one parent get therapy for child without other parent consent?


Can a court issue custody to a parent without the other parent knowing when the other parent is paying child support?

No, both biological parents must be notified of a custody hearing. However, if the parent who the child does not reside with does not appear in court on the date of the hearing they may lose their custodial rights by default. If child support has been ordered by the court the issue of custody would have already been decided.

Can a child leave the country without parents knowing about it?


What is responsibilities of parent?

Knowing the right decisions for your household. Also your child(ren) respect

Do you call the police if the custodial parent has taken your child out of state without the other parent knowing?

No, and it does depend on circumstances. If it's believed a move has taken place, an injunction needs to be filed right away. see link

Who to call when deceased parent owes back child support?

Hopefully, there is insurance or other funds in the will designated for the child. Of course, the child will be eligible for social security benefits if the parent worked.

Can a parent disown a grown child without the child being notified?

No, they have to be told.

Can a parent that does not have physical custody enroll a child in school without the consent of the other parent?