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You hire someone in her area to put her under surveillance

AnswerThe only way to know if your girlfriend is cheeting on you is to siply ask her. That's all. Alot of guys, men, or boys think their girlfriends are cheeting on them, but to let you know the only way to find out if she is or not. Then she doesn't answer find out your self by friends help and even her parents ask them. But don't worry ok if she is then you don't desurve her you go out and find a girl that will always be there and that you can trust her.OH also TRUST if their is no TRUST in you relationship then theirs no need to go on.It's hard to know but it's true!I wish I had a boyfriend who caird if they wanted to know if I was cheeting on them but I have to keep looking. So who ever asked this question your a great guy!
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Q: How can you find out if she is cheating if she lives far from you?
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If your boyfriend lives far away from you and you never get to see him what do yo do?

break up with him bcuz u never knw if he is cheating on u or just playing with your feelings find somebody that is really into u and mostly that he lives close to u

Your boyfriend says he loves you but he lives far away and you caught him cheating on you why is that?

He would do that because he thinks just because you are far away you wont catch him.

Is it cheating when your bf texts his friend that is a girl every day all day even though she lives far away?

If it's just general conversation, it's not cheating.

Does the narcissist study manipulation techniques or does it come naturally?

I think that narcissist manipulation comes naturally for them. They have done this for all their lives and it is easy for them. They are professionals at lying, manipulation and cheating as far as I am concerned and it will never end. You can find a lying, manipulative and cheating relationship almost anywhere if that is what you want.

How do I know if my boyfriend who lives far way is cheating on me?

Unfortunately there is no way you can tell if your boyfriend is cheating when he lives so far away and you will have to have blind faith and trust him. If he phones you; texts you two or more times a week then it would appear he is still interested in you, but if he is getting in contact with you less and less then there is always that possibility he may be dating.

How can you tell if your boyfriend who lives far away from you is cheating on you?

There is no way for sure that you will ever know if your boyfriend is cheating or not. You either trust someone or you don't. Even if you asked him he may not tell the truth or, he may well be loyal to you.

How could you find out if my boyfriend is cheating on me?

if you have really good friends and they live where he lives(the house next to him)then they will tell might hurt alittle because my cousin told me my ex was cheating on me. ~Mzsexy19 aka lil mama006~

What does it mean when a man tells a girl months after he has made passionate love with her he is going back to his ex p.s. the new love lives far away?

It most likely means that while he was making love to you that he was probably cheating on you for this girl that lives far away that is his new love and he will probably do the same thing to her what he did to you.

Where can you find a quiz you can fill out to find out if your husband is cheating?

As far as trying to find a quiz to fill out to find out if your husband is cheating or not don't borrow trouble and that means these quizzes are generally not correct and the person reading them could misunderstand what is quite normal for some actions men take in a marriage; for example: Your husband is quiet and doesn't always pay the attention to you that you feel you deserve.' This does not mean he is not in love with you or that he is cheating on you. If you want to find out where your marriage stands then learn better communication skills where the two of you can sit down for even half an hour and discuss how the other feels and also resolve any problems you may have in your lives such as work; finances, etc., or problems with sexual relations in your marriage.

Where does Brock lives in Katherine Paterson The last dog?

He lives in a dome on earth far into the future.

What is the effect of cheating on students?

It is the tendency of students to cheat in exams. However cheating can leave an impression that they can cheat through out their lives.

What are the release dates for Men with No Lives - 2010 Cheating on Facebook with Myspace - 2.25?

Men with No Lives - 2010 Cheating on Facebook with Myspace - 2.25 was released on: USA: 23 July 2011

How do you tell if your man is cheating when he lives in another state?

She knows.

I have a feeling fiance is cheating so how do I go about prove or disprove it?

If you are not the jealous type of person then go with your gut instincts. You can either ask your best friend to go with you and follow your fiance on the nights you feel they are cheating or, hire a detective for a weekend. It is far better to find out if your fiance is cheating as soon as possible before you ever consider getting married. If the wedding is close don't panic and try to find the evidence he is cheating (take a digital camera or your blackberry with you.)

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What do you do if your boyfriend is cheating on you but you really like him?

You both can try and make it work. If he is too far into cheating, you cannot do much but leave him.

Why is cheating on a test bad?

your only cheating yourself if you do. and wouldn't you rather find out how you really did, rather than cheating,

Can you create your own cheating system?

So far it is not possible

Does online cheating lead to physical cheating?

Yes, in some cases online cheating can lead to physical cheating. The person cheating online doesn't really consider it cheating because there is no physical contact, but, a few may live in the same area; meet and have physical contact, or, if that is not the case the person cheating online is unhappy for reasons of their own and possibly cheat with someone that lives in their area.

Is reggie cheating on kim with sirena pierce?

Yes she lives in Erie pa

How do you get him to forgive me for cheating on him?

Go far far away, and don't come back, nor call, nor write...

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Should you give up on a guy when he lives in a different town and you barely know him?

If you see them at least four times a month then no. Maybe he's old enough to move near you, but you should find out if he is cheating on you.

Is your husband cheating if he is talking everyday to an old girlfriend who lives in another state?

I would say that it is definitely a possibility. Even if he is not or has not physically cheated with her he is emotionally "cheating on your relationship.

Where to find Lugia and Ho-oh without cheating in Pokemon Emerald?

Without cheating? You don't.