How can you find out if there are any recalls on your Toyota?

  • Any Toyota dealer can check you vehicle number and tell you if it's been recalled.
  • Do not always rely on your Toyota dealer to be honest about the VIN # on your Toyota. In Canada a man had a Toyota Corolla and asked the Toyota dealership if his was one of the recalls for the sticking gas pedal. He was told no it was not. Within days the same man was on a freeway (on Canadian news) and he was doing the speed limit, but wanted to pass another car and his gas pedal stuck. He was frantic and missing cars by inches and had the presence of mind to phone 911. A police cruiser came after him and got up beside him telling him what to do and then got in front of him so he could slow the Toyota down and eventually they came to an incline in the freeway and the Toyota came to a stop. The man who owned the Toyota said he would never get back in that car again! It showed the car being towed off to the Toyota dealership. There is also a recall on some Toyota's for steering problems and also the new recall is the breaking system. The hydraulics they have put in these Toyota's apparently was a bad idea. I own a 2009 and was told my gas pedal was fine, but I insisted on the extra part being put in and they had to do it. Recalls for slight problems come with most vehicles, but not three serious recalls. Since Toyota's have been built in the West and not Japan they are not up to standard and I am taking my Toyota back.
  • You can also search the NHTSA site to find out what recalls and defects were addressed at the federal level: See Related Links