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Easy, you can check your own credit report OR go to a registries office and do a quick search. A simpler method is to ask the person that is the primary borrower/buyer or call the lender. Either a cosigner or co-buyer can be listed on the title depending upon the agreement made by the persons involved. The title to a vehicle determines ownership, a cosigner generally has no vested interest in the property only the responsibility of the debt.

2007-02-12 21:02:10
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Who has control of company vehicles with a cosigner?

Control in what sense? Sell them, transfer title? The cosigner guarantee's the loan on the vehicles and would need to agree to selling them and sign the title. You can use them for any purpose, do anything with them including burning them. You will still be responsible for the loan and if not you the cosigner will have to pay the loan off.

In Iowa if a car has a prior salvage title is the registration the same price as it would be if it were a regular title?


How can you transfer the title to the co-signer?

Thsi depends on who is actually listed on the title alone. If the cosigner appears second or not at all on the title, then the title transfer can be done at the DMV, showing the vehicle was "sold" to the co-signer. This will update the title and registration of the vehicle. Now, if the co-signer also wants to be the sole payee on the car loan, the co-sighner would need to refinance the auto-loan in their name alone and be approved.

Does a cosigner have rights to a vehicle?

No, a cosigner only has the legal obligation to pay the debt if the primary borrower defaults on the lending agreement.The exception to this would be if the cosigner is a joint title holder of the vehicle.COSINGER!Does a consignor have rights to the vehicle if the people who is buying the car never missed a payment?

Can a cosigner who is on the title of a leased car be sued for not paying any payments on the car when the primary leasee is paying off the loan?

First of all it would not be possible to be on the title of a leased vehicle, as the leasor retains ownership rights. A cosigner is only responsible for the debt if the primary borrower defaults on the lending agreement.

How do I get my name off your mothers car title and registration?

If she is the primary owner she would have to go get it changed, or you can try to have it removed by going to the DMV and requesting a title change.

Do you have to have a current auto registration to file a claim?

One has nothing to do with the other unless the insurance carrier is asking for the registration to show that the vehicle belongs to you. Often times they will require you to show them a current copy of the registration or the title to the vehicle. The registration is used because most vehicles are financed so the bank or finance company would have possession of the of the actual title since they are the leinholder.

If you bought a house and had it financed with a cosigner are they on the deed and if you are able to refinance yourself can you do it without them?

Since you are both on the loan you are both on the title. You can refinance without them on the loan but would need them to sign the title over or transfer at close.

How do you change gun registration in Iowa?

You would have to wait until their actually is a gun registration before this question could even be relevant in any way. As with most states, Iowa doesn't require registration of ordinary Title I firearms.

Im a primary borrower on a loan n i had2 have a cosigner to get my car. i have made several payments on my carnthe cosigner had told me tht he had the car sold hes now got the not makein payments?

Something is not right here. If you are the primary, then why is the cosigner making payments and why does the cosigner have possession of the vehicle? The is back-wards of what it should be. And why in the world would you put the cosigners name on the title? You have a mess on your hands, because you went about this all wrong. You need to contact a lawyer ASAP.

If the cosigner can prove they made all the payments and paid off the loan can they take the car?

No. The co-signer would need to take all that evidence and sue in court to get title to the car transferred unless the owner is willing to sing over the title.

If you co-signed for a new car but are not on the title or the registration what rights do you have to the car legally?

That would depend on the laws of the state where the transaction was made. In most cases the cosigner would have to initiate legal proceedings and procure a loan in their name for the amount owed on the vehicle.

What happens to the cosigner if you are in chp 7 bankruptcy and you default on your car loan?

If you default on your loan, the cosigner is stuck with paying it off. If your credit had been any good in the first place, you would not have needed a cosigner.

What rights do a buyer have if his name is on the vehicles registration?

If your name is on the title and registration, you are said to own the car. However, before you can sell it, you would have to clear the lien on the title that the lender put on it. You are responsible for upkeep and so on, including payments until you have satisfied the loan. I know this was supposed to be about rights, but here they are mixed with responsibilities.

If you are selling someone your car and thay wreck it who's liable for it?

If the title, registration, and insurance are still all in your name, you (or your insurance company) would be responsible.

Your son gave you a truck as a gift you are on the title vehicle is insured and registered in your name He is in default on his loan Can the bank repossess your vehicle?

If there is a loan against the car then the bank is on the title and they own the car, your name would be on the registration but not on the title, so yes they can repo it. If you have the actual title in hand then their is no loan on it and you own the car.

Who is a consigner?

If a lender does not feel comfortable with what they perceive as your ability to repay a loan they may ask that you get a cosigner. The cosigner is a person who would be guaranteeing the loan repayment if you were to default.

Why is your name on a car title as being the owner of the car if you only cosigned for it?

Your name is on the title of a car just even if you just co-signed for it because that is what co-signing means: you are the co-signer on the loan. The first person signs the loan, which means that he or she is the owner. If they had signed it by themselves, they would be sole owner. A co-signer is like a "co" anything; co-meaning together. Cohabitate, Cooperate...etc. Generally cosigners do not have a vested interest in the secured property and therefore they are not placed on the title. A cosigner makes a binding legal agreement that they are responsible for repayment of the loan if the primary borrower defaults. The cosigner does not have legal rights to the property including a vehicle. Unless the primary borrower requested the cosigner be placed on the title it is an error and should be corrected as soon as possible to prevent future problems with receiving a clear title once the loan is paid.

Can the primary borrower be sued by the cosigner if a loan is in default and the lender sues the cosigner?

Yes. But for now the lender has you and will get their money from you as they would the primary borrower. Cosigning is a really, really bad idea. At least for the cosigner. Everyone else seems to benefit.

Does a cosigner have any liability if the ower of vihicle has an accident and the cosigner is the primary on the loan?

Unfortunately yes. I am a co-signer on my sons car. My name is on the car title as well (in which I am going to try my best to get off of title). My son has his own car insurance that covers quite a bit, however if he was to get in an accident and it was found to be his fault, his insurance would be used to it's limit (if it came to that) then they go after the deep pockets. Well, guess who has the deep pockets. I own a home and rental. I could be sued since I am on Title.. I would not worry about being on the loan, except if you think the person you are cosigning for will default. I would be more concerned about being on Title. I hope this helps you. I'm going to encourage my son to refinance since his credit is good. I want off title. Heather

Can the cosigner who has been making the lease payments have the car repossessed so he can use it?

Don, IF your name is on the title as co-owner, you would just be taking possession of your own car. If its NOT on the title, you cant take possession legally.Why not go to the person in possession and tell them to give up the car??

Must the lender notify the cosigner of intent to collect on a default?

The cosigner was probably "notified" that any funds held by the lender would be attached at the time the loan was signed. In order to garnish wages or place a lien on other property, the lender would have to go to court and obtain a judgment, in which case the cosigner would have received a summons from the court.

Is it easier for a person with poor credit to refinance their house with the help of a cosigner who has excellent credit?

It can be easier if you use their credit by putting them on title on the home and use there credit, however they will be responsible for the loan and be on title as at least a part owner. If you use another persons credit to do a refinance, the other person must in most title states be put on title and will be responible for the loan even if you both sign which you would have to do.

If the cosigner of a home loan dies will the bank go after his estate for repayment?

My belief is that as long as the mortgage is paid on time by the borrower, there would be no reason to go after the cosigner estate.

Can someone be a cosigner for an apartment if they live in another state?

Whether or not an apartment complex would allow someone from another state to become a cosigner would be up to them to decide. They have the right to set their own rules in regards to who would be allowed to cosign.