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One will find tips on how to find out their Visa debit gift card's balance by following instructions written on the back of one's gift card. One will need the gift card number along with a PIN number.

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There are many retailers that offer the option to purchase a "Prepaid Visa Debit Card." However, one likely will find the best deals by purchasing a card from their local financial institution or from the official Visa website.

The way to find out the balance on a Visa gift card is to go to the website for the provider of the gift card and choose the "Check Balance" option. Enter the account number and PIN to access the account.

The back of the card in the signature strip. Normally the last 3 digits are asked for.

There are a variety of sites that allow one to apply for a Visa Prepaid Debit Card. The best option available is on the Visa website where one can apply online. Other sites that offer online application for these cards are the Account Now site and netSpend.

One will find that a Bank of America gift card can be used anywhere a Visa debit card is accepted. A Bank of America gift card is simply a prepaid card. So this card can be used at any local retailer that would accept a Visa debit card, and/or also any online site.

No, you don't have to have a credit card. If you don't have a credit card, you can use a debit card (which shows either the Visa or the MasterCard logo), a pre-paid card, or you can use your bank/checking account. If you find that you need to be "verified" at some point in the future - which most users will do - you will need to have either a credit card or debit card (with the Visa or the MasterCard logo) registered to your PayPal account.Yes, but you can use Debit card too, but not all debit cards are accepted by PayPal.

Your debit card from paypal debits directly from your paypal balance and/or your savings/checking account and/or your onfile debit/credit card.

Some Bank of America accounts come with Visa debit cards that can be used as a Credit Card. Therefore, this "credit card" may actually be your debit card. Look at the card to be sure this is the case. Contact the bank and find out why you have received it.

You should have a number or website that you can check your prepaid card balance. It also depends on what prepaid card you have. For example, if you have a Prepaid Visa card, you can opt to have your balance sent to your cell phone or e-mail address. If you don't have a prepaid Visa, then I'd suggest checking the back of your card for a phone number or website you could visit to view your balance. Hope this helps!

One can find a low balance transfer credit card from Citi and Chase. Specifically the Citi Simplicity card, Slate from Chase, Citi Diamond Preferred Card, Discover It, Capital One Platinum Prestige, Citi Thank You, Bank America Visa Card, and Citi Dividend Platinum Select Visa Card.

There will not be a zip code printed on a debit card as the zip code is typically used as a security measure to keep unauthorized users from making purchases with the card. The zip code will be from whatever address was given to the bank when the account linked to the card was created.

look on your visa card

If its a Visa... goto then check balance and then account history, it sohuld do it for all

Only if it is a "check card." Debit cards require a PIN number, but many banks have switched to check cards that can be used as either a debit or credit card. To find out for sure, next time you use your card, hit the "credit button." If it's a check card it will ask you to sign instead of entering your PIN. The check/debit card must have a Visa, Mastercard or a Discover symbol to work as a Credit purchase but still comes out of your checking account. Discover is just starting up there debit card network.

It should be on the Visa Card, but if the card is not your's you have no business with it.

where can you find a redemption code on a visa gift card

by asking the person with the card for the #

One can find more information about debit and credit cards by visiting the card company's website (such as Visa, Mastercard, Chase, etc.). The company website will give all the information that one will need.

There are various credit card companies which offer their customer 0% interest on balance transfers. Credit Cards Canada has many on their website. One can find various information and apply for a card as well.

You can check the balance of your Starbucks card at

Someone looking for a list of store locations giving cash back using their Visa debit card can ask at a banking institution. TD lists locations on their website.

theres no acct # on a debit card [edit]>> i have looked up on this and apparently ian account number is the 8 digits on the bottom right of your debit card

If you are going to do a balance transfer you want a card that will offer you low interest for the remainder of the transferred debt. Some of the cards that offer that are Promise Visa, and a Barclays Card.

i want to know where to find the issue number on my natwest debt card