How can you find out what Barbie Collectibles doll you have?

Go online (Ebay, Amazon, Alibris Books are good sites) and buy a book on Barbie doll values). The first Barbies had white irises on their eyes. I have a #4 that one would think is a #1 Barbie, but subtle differences (like the eyes) and the pierced ears help to pinpoint exactly which year Barbie you have. Keep in mind, though, that a doll value book is only a "guideline" of their worth. In the world of collecting (dolls or anything else) your item is worth a lot more if the buyer really wants it. As a rule, guide books have very low values and should really only be used to help you identify which year your doll is (not it's dollar value). For example, once you've identified the year your doll was made, the book may say it's only worth $45, but you see the exact same doll in the same condition on Ebay going for $100. If a buyer wants it bad enough, they'll pay that and then some to get it....therefore, the doll is worth the higher price. Again, as stated earlier, use a doll value book ONLY to help you find out what year your doll was made.