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How can you find out what wires go to what when replacing a Dodge Stratus factory radio with a new one?


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2007-04-08 06:28:53
2007-04-08 06:28:53

One of the easiest and quickest ways to do this, is to go to an audio store and buy a wire harness. It should plug right into the factory plug (providing that it is still intact) and then plug into your new radio. If not, it will have ready to go wires for the harness that came with your radio.


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What I would do is go to an auto parts store and buy a book on the car, I have an 05 Stratus so I would have to go buy an 05 Stratus book OR ask the salesman if there is a tool to buy to take the radio out, if you see the tool you will figure out how it works if you are good at figuring things out OR ask a mechanic,good luck.......JL

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To install an amp to a factory radio of a 2012 Dodge Ram 1500, ensure that the amp bypass the harnesses.

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It is important to have a diagram when making changes to any electrical parts of a vehicle. A diagram for the wiring harness of a 1997 Dodge Stratus for installing a new radio can be found in the maintenance manual and the diagrams that came with the radio.

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There is a website that can help you with replacing your radio. They give you step by step usually with pictures. Good Luck

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