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One of the easiest and quickest ways to do this, is to go to an audio store and buy a wire harness. It should plug right into the factory plug (providing that it is still intact) and then plug into your new radio. If not, it will have ready to go wires for the harness that came with your radio.

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Q: How can you find out what wires go to what when replacing a Dodge Stratus factory radio with a new one?
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Dodge Stratus Radio?

are there fuses for the radio

Does 2001 dodge stratus come with a single or double din radio?


What did you do wrong if you can only get a dull sound on one front speaker after replacing your factory radio on a 1995 Dodge Dakota?

Go back through and check your connections!

How do I remove the factory radio from a 2005 Dodge Stratus?

What I would do is go to an auto parts store and buy a book on the car, I have an 05 Stratus so I would have to go buy an 05 Stratus book OR ask the salesman if there is a tool to buy to take the radio out, if you see the tool you will figure out how it works if you are good at figuring things out OR ask a mechanic,good luck.......JL

How to install an amp to a factory radio of a 2012 dodge ram 1500?

To install an amp to a factory radio of a 2012 Dodge Ram 1500, ensure that the amp bypass the harnesses.

Where can you find the diagram for the wiring harness for a 1997 Dodge stratus to install a new radio?

It is important to have a diagram when making changes to any electrical parts of a vehicle. A diagram for the wiring harness of a 1997 Dodge Stratus for installing a new radio can be found in the maintenance manual and the diagrams that came with the radio.

How do you replace the radio in a 1996 Dodge Interpid?

There is a website that can help you with replacing your radio. They give you step by step usually with pictures. Good Luck

A wiring diagram for 1996 dodge 1500 radio and speakers?

go to wal-mart they have a harness that plugs into the factory harness and wires to radio

Does the 2001 Dodge Durango come equipped with a double din or single din radio?

It comes from the factory equipped with a din and a half radio.

How do you wire a radio for a 1988 Toyota?

Go to wal mart or your local stereo shop and pick up a factory plug in harness for your car, unplug your factory radio and plug in the harness, then you just wire in the aftermarket radio to the open end of the cutting wires so you can put the factory radio back in by just unplugging the new one and replacing it

What would cause the radio on 1997 Dodge Caravan Sport to quit working?

It is most likely the fuse. Try replacing it.

How do you remove factory radio from 1988 jeep Cherokee limited?

I don't know how similar a 1988 and 1995 Cherokees are, but I've posted instructions on replacing the radio on a 1995 at

How do you reprogram a radio head unit on a 2001 Dodge Stratus?

take the tire off the left front and open the front fender wall the battery is behind there

Where do I find the color codes for 2005 dodge stratus stock radio harness?

Go to this web site called it will give you the color codes you are looking for.

How do you set the time on the stock radio of a 2005 Dodge Stratus?

There are 2 little buttons on the radio display one for the hour and one for the minute that you have to press with a pin or something sharp of some sort to adjust the time.

How do you hard reset a factory car radio for a 2006 dodge magnum with Sirius?

A Hard Reset on a Factory installed Sirius Radio is basically, Disconnecting the battery and reconnecting / should be able to get audio on 184/ then send another Activations signal

What will cause a 1991 Dodge Spirit factory radio to short out even with a new power cable and a new ground possibly the antenna?

The antenna wouldn't cause it to short out, that just helps it receive the signals to play music on the radio... How old is the radio... if it is factory from 91 then it might of been its time to go... i have a radio from a 90 Dodge Caravan, same as whats in your Dodge Spirit cause they carry the same radio and it short out on its own where the numbers and stuff wont light up but will still play music... I took the radio out of my 92 Dodge Spirit and put it in the van (since the trans went out in the 92 Spirit) and it works great... it might of just went out because it was ready to go.

How do you install CD player into a dodge caravan?

See page 3 or 4 of this list and you will find how to remove an old factory radio from a 95.

Will the radio from a 2002 Dodge Dakota fit into a 1998 Dodge Dakota?

sorry, no it will not. they changed the radios in 2000. notice the face on the 2002 has round corners but the 98 has square corners. now the good news any radio out of a Dakota/ram/stratus/breeze etc from 99 back about 5-6 years will fit. I just put a 96 stratus am/FM/cass/CD in my 97 Dakota & son did the same in his 99 ram

How do you install a CD player in a 2000 Dodge Stratus?

first you have to pop the cover off that's around the radio and then remove the 2 screwes that holds the radio. second unplug the wire connector from the radio. you also need a stereo connector for your aftermarket CD player to connect to the existing wire connector. once you have installed the connector to your CD player you need a installation kit for a 2000 dodge stratus to put your CD player in and bolt it to the existing holes your radio came from. plug your connectors and antenna wire together and reinstall your 2 screwes and pop your cover back on and you are done.

Why would the power door locks and radio both stop working at the same time on a 2000 Dodge Stratus SE?

The power door locks and the radio in a 2000 Dodge Stratus SE may stop working at the same time because of a blown fuse. Another issue may be faulty wiring causing a problem for one or both of the issues. Both of these problems can be fixed by taking the vehicle to an automotive garage or shop to be fixed by someone who has experience in these vehicles.

What is the wire connected to the back of the factory radio on a 1999 dodge caravan?

There are numerous wires on the back of the radio including powers, grounds, speaker, antenna, CD changer controls, computer communication, etc.

Is there a code for the radio on a Dodge Caravan?

If there is, I would assume the password to be 1234 or 0000. Check your car manual The factory radios have never used codes.

Where is the factory amp located in a 2002 Dodge Intrepid es?

I have no idea. Had to install a new radio after someone stole our factory raiio. A ohm meter connected to the rear speaker shows that something is between the speakers ans the radio. Barry's Dad. Jack Hornburg (

Does the 2002 Honda Civic SI have RCA inputs on the back of the factory radio?

no there are no factory radio that has RCA.s except the new tiburon with factory kenwoods in them