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The Easiest way is 2 use a 12 volt Test Light.On older glass fuses-just touch both ends of the fuse & the test light should light on both ends if the fuse is good.The Plastic holder fuses(newer) have a small hole on the top of them 2 test. turn the key on & parking lights 2 do these test.

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Q: How can you find out which fuse needs to be replaced?
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Frontier lighter is out and is not the fuse?

probably needs to be replaced easy thing to do

Why do headlights go out unexpected on my 1992 Mitsubishi magna tr?

A fuse needs replaced.

What fuse needs replaced if the dash lights don't light on the ford windstar 1998?

Should be common to the parking/tailight fuse

Where is the ELD on a 2002 civic dx?

From what I have read it is your under the hood fuse box. Pretty sure if it needs to be replaced you will have to replace the whole fuse box...

Where is the fuse located for the odometer light in 2003 Pontiac azteck?

If there is just one light out, the bulb probably burnt out and needs to be replaced. A single bulb will not have a fuse.

Which fuse controls the clock in the 1999 Honda CR-V?

There isn't a fuse or bulb. The whole assembly needs to be replaced. At Honda it costs over $400.

Half of the dash lights on your 1993 Chevy pickup are out Is this a light that needs to be replaced or a fuse Please help?

Bulbs. All the bulbs are fed from the same fuse.

If the service transmission light comes on is the transmission broke?

No, this means there is a fault in the fuse box or your transmission needs to be replaced

How do you fix the fuse to the license plate bulb on 1994 cadillac deville?

pop your hood and find the what "FUSE PANEL" find the fuse marked Parking lights and replace it. Its that simple. it might not be a fuse have you replaced the bulb or checked your contacts from your wiring?

Why does the yellow dashboard warning light in your 2003 dodge neon stay on?

The yellow dashboard warning light you are seeing on your 2003 Dodge Neon is most likely the fuse warning light. You will most likely need to go to a mechanic to find out which fuse needs to be replaced.

How do you check a double 30 amp fuse?

Remove the power then remove the fuse. With an ohmmeter put the leads on both ends and read the meter. If it shows "zero" then the fuse is good and can conduct electricity. If it shows anything else than the fuse is defective and needs to be replaced.

How do you determine if a fuel pump needs to be replaced?

If it is not running and the fuse an relay is good it needs replacing. Even if it is running it may no be pumping. A fuel pressure test will verify if it is good or bad.

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