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How can you? Well you can use a number of internet search sites such as Google. For a question that specific you can google 1908 US Open winner. You'll find it to be Fred McCleod. From there you can google things such as "Fred McCleod's putter of choice" or "Fred McCleod US Open 1908" and look for pictures of him putting, maybe you can recognize it. Or you can ask Wiki s and maybe somebody out there will have a good answer for you.

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Fred McCleod, all 108 lbs of him, won the Open at Myopia Hunt Club in Mass. He beat Willie Smith in a playoff 77-83. It is most likely that he used a putter with a hickory shaft and the heads were made of aluminum or wood. It could have been a "braid-mills" mallet headed putter. Mallets were popular then. The grip would hve been of wrapped leather simply wrapped around the hickory shaft. I'm trying to find pictures of Freddy-who finished one shot out of a playoff in the 1910 and '11 Opens- and see if he has a putter in his hand that I can identify. But, if he was like modern day golfers he probably changed putters often. good luck, george.

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Q: How can you find out which putter was used to win the 1908 US Open?
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