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The reason it stays on is because it is malfuctioning. take it into the dealer and have it fix. things that could go wrong by not bring it in is. 1 it might not work in a car accident 2 it might go off just because, causing serries damage to ones body. also look up and see if there is a recall on this or anything else on your car. you can get the recall tickets and it want cost you a dime. good luck

I have the same problem on my 1995 Accord EX. The SRS light is always on, which means there's a problem with the SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) and your airbags won't deploy if you crash. Here's how to find out the specific problem: 1) Turn the car off, and remove the keys from the ignition. Take a seat on the passenger side and open up the glove box. 2) Remove one or two of the knobs (not the hinges) that keep the glove box from flopping all the way down and spilling its contents on the floor. In my car, the left one could be popped out by pinching and then pulling. Once that's off, I just pulled the glove box forward and squeezed / bent the right side knob past the plastic. Everything's plastic I think, so a little carefully-applied force shouldn't hurt anything. 3) Now the glove box will flop forward, and let you see behind. Find some wires that lead to a blue plug, probably snapped onto a bracket of some kind. 4) The big plug should contain (at least on my car) two smaller plugs: a 3-wire plug and a 2-wire plug. The 3-wire is for some scanning tool - leave it alone. The 2-wire plug is the service connector. Take a piece of wire or paperclip and jump the connector (insert one end of wire in each part of plug). 5) Turn the car on, but don't start it. All the lights will come on, and then your SRS light will start a blink pattern: -- SOLID LONG ON -- PAUSE -- series of Long blinks -- series of Short blinks -- repeat On my car, the series was 5 longs and 1 short, a code 5-1. 6) Note your code (double-check it too), and call your local Honda dealer's service department. Tell them the SRS service code and ask them to look up its meaning. Hopefully it's something easy. 7) *IMPORTANT* Check out the NHTSA ( ) to see if your SRS module is eligible for a recall - mine was. This could save you hundreds of dollars.


As a side note to this it should be pointed out that ( in my case ) my 2000 Honda Civic CX 3 door hatch was displaying the SRS light. Diagnostics test revealed that the passenger side air bag was faulty ( even though this model never came out with a passenger side airbag ). Further examination revealed it to be a resistor showing a slightly higher resistance value than was expected my the airbag module. This resistor is used to trick the module into believing that there is a passenger airbag ( presumably this module is used in a number of Hondas). Solution: replace the $30.00 resister.

could be just as simple as a bad battery have the battery check and replaced then get the light reset

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Q: How can you find out why the SRS air bag light is on all the time on a 1996 Honda Accord?
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