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Q: How can you find outstanding Westinghouse bonds?
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What is the motivation of a parent company to purchase the outstanding bonds of a subsidiary could be to?

A parent company can purchase the subsidiaryâ??s outstanding bonds if they do not want the subsidiary to borrow money from them to retire the outstanding bonds. By purchasing the subsidiaryâ??s outstanding bonds, the parent company is ensuring that the effect on the consolidated financial statements is the same but without the extra steps.

How do you find bonds yield?

You don't find it, you calculate it based upon; 1) Outstanding Maturity 2) Coupon Rate 3) Market Price

Where can one find Westinghouse TVs?

One can find Westinghouse TVs in several places. One can purchase them from Amazon, one can visit Westinghouse Digital's site, or one can go to Best Buy.

Who is George westinghouse?

George Westinghouse was George Westinghouse

What are outstanding bonds?

A company issues bonds to raise money. When you buy a bond, you are lending the company money. The company promises to pay back your money some number of years into the future. They also pay you interest during the entire loan period. Outstanding bonds are bonds that the company has yet to fully pay back.

Who makes Westinghouse refrigerators?


What type of bonds make p DNA and where in DNA do you find these bonds?

The bonds are called hydrogen bonds. You can find these bonds in the nucleotides of DNA.

Who founded Westinghouse Corp?

George Westinghouse

How do you find out if you have a unclaimed savings bonds?

How do I find out if I have unknown savings bonds

How do you find out if you have an outstanding ticket?

that's obviously. if you don't pay the ticket.its an outstanding ticket

How do you find Deduction Days Outstanding?

(Deduction outstanding/Deductions incurred)*no. of days analysed

What are the release dates for Westinghouse Employees Westinghouse Works - 1904?

Westinghouse Employees Westinghouse Works - 1904 was released on: USA: May 1904

What are companies with outstanding bond issue in the market?

Companies with outstanding bond issue in the market are companies that have used tax payers' moneys in the form of bonds but have not paid back the bond. Bonds are usually used for projects that benefit society as a whole, such as new schools.

What brand circuit breakers will interchange with Westinghouse?

My Westinghouse panel lists Bryant only as a replacement for the Westinghouse breakers.

Who Makes Westinghouse?

Toshiba has made Westinghouse since 2006.

How do you tell the year of A westinghouse golf cart?

westinghouse #420976

When was British Westinghouse created?

British Westinghouse was created in 1899.

How did westinghouse die?

George Westinghouse died of heart failure.

What is Westinghouse communications?

A communications company called ... Westinghouse. Westinghouse also made washers and dryers, refrigerators and other appliances.

How are westinghouse lcd tvs made?

Westinghouse LCD tvs are made to last with the best and latest technology and parts. You can have all your questions answered at Find answers and look at blogs.

How did George westinghouse die?

George Westinghouse died of heart failure.

Is westinghouse an American made TV?

Are Westinghouse tv's American made

What is a 1947 westinghouse stove worth?

What is a 1957 Westinghouse stove worth

What is the duration of Westinghouse Playhouse?

The duration of Westinghouse Playhouse is 1440.0 seconds.

Can you invest in Westinghouse nuclear power plants?

Westinghouse is now owned by Toshiba, but you can invest with companies that own existing plants or intend to build new ones. You can find out these companies from website