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I can't find that model number in the books, but if it is marked just "Stevens" or also has the Savage name, it was made sometime after 1945. It might be new enough that you can get information from the Savage website (see related link) but information on older Stevens firearms is available from the Stevens Historian, Mr. John Callahan, 53 Old Quarry Road, Westfield, MA 01085. Send him all the markings and your daytime phone number. His charge is $15 to research a gun.

This gun has been know by many names.

Manufactured by Savage-Steven it first took life as the Savage Model 6 that was manufactured between 1938 and 1968.

Also known as Springfield 87A.

The final version was the Savage-Stevens Model 987.

It is basically the same gun with some cosmetic differences.

The Model 987 was made between 1981 and 1989 then was finally discontinued.

I hope this helps you.

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Q: How can you find the age of a Stevens 22 caliber bolt action Model 987?
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