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By providing a serial number to your Winchester model 53.

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What is age of Winchester model 53 25-20 serial number 10431?

your Winchester model 53 was made by Winchester in 1928.

What is age of a Winchester model 53 25-20 serial number 3114?

your Winchester model 53 was made in 1925.

What is age of Winchester model 53 25 20 serial number 10431?

With the serial number that you have provided,your Winchester model 53 rifle was made in the year 1928.

Where can you find parts for a sears roebuck model 53 30-06 springfield?

Winchester, Its a very old Rifle, but the 53 was what turned into the model 70, Hince Winchester Model 53 and some pre64 model 70 parts should fit.

How old is a Winchester model 53 25-20 serial number 10431?

Your Winchester model 53 was made by Winchester in 1928.

Where is the serial number on a Winchester model 53 located?

The serial number on a Winchester model 53 is on the bottom of the receiver, just behind the foregrip stock.

Ted williams model 53?

Your Ted Williams/sears model 53 is actually a winchester model 70 rifle.

Where can you find a Sears model 53 30.06 owners manual?

A Sears Mod 53 is a Winchester Mod 70. If Sears doesn't have an owner's manual for the 53 (and you can't find one on eBay), go here http://www.stevespages.com/page7b.htm for a Winchester manual.

How do you load the Winchester model 53?

Seek the help of a gunsmith

What is the value of a 44 WCF Winchester Model 53 and how many were manufactured?

I can find serial numbers from 1 ~ 15110 on the model 53. They started in 1924 and #15110 was made "after 1940". Don't know how many were made in .44 cal.

Who manufactured the sears model 53 30-06 cal bolt action rifle?

The Model 53 30-06 rifle was manufactured for Sears by Winchester. It's a cheaper version of their Model 70.

Were can I find information on the Winchester model 53 25-20 Can anyone point me in the right direction to get a manual or parts list?

In answer to you'r question:Were can I find information on the Winchester model 53 25-20 , manual or part's list? Yes there is a place were you can get the information on all of the Winchester firearm's direct from the company. Winchester has manual'son every make and model in the Winchester Line. The website is, www.Winchester Firearms.com . You can also call one of these number's at theConsumer Dept. at Winchester directly. They are : 1-800-333-3288,1-801-876-2711, 1-800-782-4440. They will be able to help you to get theone you are looking for. I hope this has been of help to you, and good luck.Jay C. SmithDaytonaKid3@aol.com

What is the age of a 22 caliber Smith and Wesson Model 53 revolver?

The model 53 was made from 1961 and ceased production in 1974!

Who made the ted Williams model 53 .cal 270?

It's actually a Winchester model 70 made for Sears and Roebuck.

What is a Winchester model 53 2520 nickel steel worth?

50-500 USD or so depending on condition

Where can you find parts for a Sears Model 53 30-06 made by Springfield with the Model number 27332060?

Basically the post-64 Winchester Model 70 as made for Sears. I have a good supply of parts. sales@countrygunsmith.net This is the ammunition it uses, not the manufacturer.

What year is your Ted Williams 30-06 looks like a winchester model 70 is this a worthwhile hunting rifle?

Your Sears model 53 rifle is indeed a Winchester model 70 rifle.These were fine made rifles that would be very good to hunt with!I am not sure what years winchester made these rifles for Sears though.

How can you find the age and value of a Sears Model 53 30-06 manufactured by Winchester?

Answer Sears Model 53re: In the back of the blue book of gun values is a crossover index for gun manufacturers. It is my understanding that serial numbers fall in line with production numbers. Most serials are stamped on recievers. Barrels have all the other information. A lot of the old gun nuts I deal with tend to agree with this way of thinking. Find the maker and cross the date. You can own a pre 64 Winchester pretty cheap this way. If anybody has any other information please email me. Thanks!

Price 53 model 1892 Winchester nickel- steel 32-20?

cuanto vale el fusil 32 w.c.f. modelo53 winchester nickel steel?

What is the value of a Winchester Model 53 218 Bee?

The collector value can only be assessed by a visual inspection & evaluation. Bert H.

Is a Ted Williams Model 53 rifle a Winchester model 70?

Yes, it is a Model 70, but specifically made for Sears. I believe it is an economy version with less frills, but wroks just like an M70.

Where can you find a 30-06 Ted Williams Model 53 rifle?

I own a Model 53 30-06 what do you want to know about it? Bsmith152@cox.net

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