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How can you find the age of your mod 99 savage?

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2007-05-14 09:39:22

There are many different ways in doing this. But the one that I

own has a rotter in it were the shells go. It is older than the

one's that came with clips. I have some books over the model 99.

And from what I could get out of them was that if you only have the

number 99 and not a letter after it. It must be a older rifle. You

can also look at the cal: or size shell it takes. I would say just

type in your search log 99 savage, it should take you to many

different places were you can look in to for more info: about the

age of your rifle. One last thing!!!!! Keep it.. for the value of

it is going up each day. Good Luck.....M.C.S. The Missouri Crack


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