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you can't. The most you would be able to find (as a public citizen), is the manufacture date, etc.

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Q: How can you find the history of your guns by their serial numbers?
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Where to find serial numbers on guns?

barrel, butt, receiver, under forearm.

How do you get your serial numbers on your guns if you cannot find your info?

SN's were not required until 1968

Why do guns have serial numbers?

To identify and account for otherwise identical guns.

Did model 1841 Mississippi rifles have serial numbers?

None of the existing ORIGINAL guns have serial numbers.

When did they require serial numbers on long guns?


When did federal law require serial numbers on guns?


How can you trace a guns history by the serial number?

If sn data has been published you can find out when it was made/shipped and sometimes to who and with what features.

How can you find the history of my Winchester rifle ser number 1934184?

i think if you go to yahoo or google you can type in rifle serial numbers. and there should be a website called if you go there you can type in the serial number of your rifle. they have tons of guns cataloged and they should have yours

Why is there serial numbers on guns and bullets?

Inventory tracking for firearms. BTW, ammunition does not have a serial number.

What can you find out from a guns serial numbers?

In SOME cases, you can tell when made, and in SOME cases, the model of the gun. In others, it tells you nothing but to distinguish between two identical guns.

What year serial number start ON GUNS?

SOME guns had serial numbers in the late 1800s. They were required by law on handguns and machine guns in 1934 (in the US) and on rifles and shotguns in 1968.

How do you find a guns manufacture date by their serial numbers?

Find a book with sn data that has been published on that maker. Go to and check their sn tables.

When were serial numbers required on guns?

They were required after the Gun Control Act of 1968.

When did serial numbers on guns become law?

with the gun control act of 1968

22 RF Rifle with no SSN can anyone help?

A lot of older lower end rifles and shot guns didn't have serial numbers. The fed didn't require guns to have unique serial numbers until after WW2

When did guns first get registration numbers?

Firearms don't have registration numbers, they have serial numbers. No way to know who was the first to put a number on a firearm. Military firearms have had serial numbers for many years, to aid in the accounting for large numbers of identical guns. Serial numbers were not required by law in the US until the 1934 National Firearms Act reqired them on machine guns and handguns. The 1968 Gun Control Act required them on newly made rifles and shotguns.

Where to find out the make of a firearm using its serial number?

Not possible. There is more than one gun with the same serial number, some guns were made with NO serial numbers, and data does not exist to translate SN to make/model.

Where can you find information about guns by serial number?

What kind of information?

What year was Winchester lever action hexagon barrel rifle serial number 207452 made?

You can find Winchester Serial numbers at the Old Guns website. Great place for info on antique guns when you are writing a historical :) Wayne

How can you check your guns serial numbers?

Contact the maker, buy a book, post on the internet.

How do you get a list of the serial numbers to the guns that are registered in your name?

Commit a gun related felony...

Search history on guns by serial?

Some makers offer a historical letter service.

What is the age of a 12 gauge Winchester Model 12 serial 639072?

The model 12 Winchester pump shotgun with serial numbers from 626,997 to 651,255 where made in 1931, which your guns serial numbers fall in.

Where do you find remmington model 51 serial numbers?

65000 were made from 1917-1927 in 32ACP and 380ACP.

Where is serial number on forehand and Wadsworth revolver?

Most F&Ws that HAD a serial number had it stamped on the butt- and stamped on the rear of the cylinder. LEGALLY, the one on the butt is the serial number. Many older guns did not have serial numbers, especially lower cost guns.