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It depends on your purspose and what you are free to do. When I joined the Army I started hetting more than regular exercise and eating three high calorie square meals a day. In four months I gained almost twenty five pounds of muscle. This was without weight traing, just calisthenics and running. I imagine if you started to have bigger more nutritious meals and alternate lifting weights and running you could buff up quite a bit. It all depends on if you want be a body builder or just buff.

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Q: How can you find the right weight gaining program that really works if you have had problems with gaining weight and muscle and you want to get big safely?
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How do you avoid gaining bulking muscles for women?

You really don't need to worry about it. Gaining muscle is not that easy, especially when you have 5% the testosterone of men. Additionally, there is no such thing as toning muscle vs. adding bulk. You either add muscle or you don't - if you want more definition then reduce your body fat. Women, like men, should be strength training with a barbell.

How can I tell that I am getting muscle growth?

Generally you will gain about 2 pounds of muscle a month when body building when you are a strict beginner and working really hard at eating proper. If you are gaining much more then that I would be concerned that it isn't all muscle gain.

My cat is gaining a lot of weight really fast what should I do?

Feed him less

Why when you exercise do you gain weight?

If you are not also dieting, then the exercise probably really isn't doing too much. Otherwise, you could be gaining muscle weight. muscle weighs more than fat so as you lose fat and gain muscle you could be gaining weight. be careful, since exercise may make you more hungry and you need to balance calorie intake with exercise in order to lose weight in the long term.

When do you start gaining muscle quickly due to puberty if you are roughly 5'11 and age 13?

you may get muscle growth any time from now until about a little before you end puberty. some effects of puberty come out really late in some people

How can a 12 year old gain muscle weight?

You don't need to be worrying about gaining muscle at such a young age. Eat and sleep well so you can grow taller. Working out is the only way to gain muscle weight and you might stunt growth that way. But if you really want to, intake lots of protein and workout 3 times a week.

How clever was Julius Caesar at gaining power?

he was really bad at it.

Is your metabolism messed up if you used to be anorexic and you're now eating around 1400 calories a day and can't stop gaining weight?

If you were anorexic, you probably lost a lot of muscle mass. It will take you a while to build back muscle and muscle is where you burn calories. Try building muscle mass. Eat plenty of calories and specifically 60 to 80 protein grams or more and exercise to build back muscle mass. You really need to get healthy again and you'll only do that by building muscle.

Does gaining weight really decrease the size of a males penis?


Do protein shakes really work for gaining body weight?


What is the average weight for a girl who is 13?

It really all depends you could weight 135 and be normal or weight 90 and be normal. Height makes a change in this the taller you are you might weight a little bit more. Muscle also can make you weigh more if you exersise a lot you could just be gaining muscle weight.

How do you gain strength without gaining big muscles?

Well, there is a balance between strength and muscle size. If you want to get really strong, you'll have to accept having really big muscles. But if you just want to get stronger, then the key is to exercise on a sensible level. If you keep the weights so that you can do 3 sets of 10 repetitions, or even 4 sets of 10 reps, muscle growth won't be that much.

Is skeletal muscle voluntary or involuntary?

It really depends on if you are trying to flex your muscle or not.

Will you lose your axess stomach fat if you run daily for half an hour?

The simple thought to losing some weight "Am I burning as much or more than I eat?" Running for half an hour will burn some calories, so I am assuming that you will lose some weight. There is no set place that you lose the weight at. If most of your fat is stored at your stomach, then you will probably lose some there. From running, you will probably lose some in your legs and gain some muscle. Don't be freaked out by the thought of gaining muscle. In women, muscle makes you lean and appear to be thinner than you really are. In men, muscles make you buff. So whatever gender you are, gaining muscle is a good thing. One thing you might want to do is vary your exercise program a bit from time to time. Doing so helps to prevent overworking those select muscle groups. I would suggest mixing in some weights or other arm exercises.

What is the best treatment for muscle pain?

it really depends on what type of muscle pain talking about muscle pain from working out on Crown purses

Why do wrestlers get bulges?

They are not really bugles but increased muscle mass and increased muscle mass doesn't go along with muscle strength.

Can you pull or push your muscles?

You can pull a muscle which means it really aches but you cant push a muscle

Is bindi the jungle girl a new program?

its a program but its not really new!

What is an abdominal muscle?

A belly muscle, those who makes up the sixpack on people who are really fit and lean.

How do you write a standard basic program?

That really depends on what sort of program you are trying to build, what do you want the program to do?

When your lifting is it better to do the same muscle workout after another or to do one muscle workout then do the opposite muscle workout?

It doesn't really matter, do what feels best for you.

What is a muscle strain and what are the symptoms?

It really hurts a lot!

What is a sore muscle?

Work out really well and find out

How do you Gaining body weight?

Eat fatty foods, and sleep alot, cheesecake really works

What is cardiac smooth muscle?

There is nothing really called 'cardiac smooth muscle'. Cardiac muscle is striated like skeletal muscle but it is not under your control like skeletal muscle is. It acts more like smooth muscle because of this reason. But we only use the terms smooth muscle, striated (skeletal) muscle or cardiac muscle.