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How can you find what vehicles a certain oil filter fits?

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Go to your local car store and look in the section where they have oil filters. They should have a book where you can look up your car model and match it with the type of oil filter you should put on your car. If they do not have a book in the open for customers to look up themselves, just locate the nearest employee and ask them for help.

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What cars use purolator oil filter L10111?

I found this filter on Amazon here: You will find there a list of all vehicles this filter fits.

What vehicle does a Purolator F54714 fuel filter fit?

Fits many GM vehicles from 1996 to 2005.

What vehicle does a 3682 fram oil filter fit?

It fits older Nissan vehicles that have 3/4 16 threads.

What does PL14670 oil filter fit?

Fits over 600 vehicles including Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, Jeep and a few Fords.

What does a deutsch oil filter SL24011 FIT?

trying to find out what this oil filter fits sl24011 thank u lennie

What oil filter fits a Massey Ferguson 1533?

the WIX Oil filter #51360 fits the MF1533 oild filter.

85365 oil filter fits what car?

Looks like it fits a lot of vehicles. The site won't let me paste a link but I just typed in '85365 oil filter' in my browser and it took me to CARQUEST's website. So just type that in or go to CQ's website.

What does fram ph13 fit?

Fram PH13 is an oil filter that fits many vehicles. This filter fits several different makes and models of Chevrolet cars and trucks as well as many GMC cars and trucks, and several models of the Hummer.Ê

What are STP oil filter S-2 used on?

Fits many Ford vehicles, some Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Lincoln, Mazda and Mercury.

Which fuel filter fits Mitsubishi k3b diesel engine?

the ( NAPA 3264 ) cartridge fits in fuel filter bowl tha fits the K3B engine...

Which Super Tech oil filter fits Ford explorer 4.0?

Walmart has a book that tells you which filter fits your Ford.

What does pennzoil oil filter PZ 9A fit?

PZ-9A fits a Chevrolet S-10 2.2 L 1998-2003 among other vehicles

What kind of oil filter does a 2003 buick rendezvous use?

lt uses a spin on filter, a very popular one that fits a lot of GM vehicles. Napa part number 1040 or 21040 for the less expensive one.

What car is a ST3506 oil filter for?

An ST3506 oil filter fits various GM and Chrysler vehicles, for example 75-98 and 2004-on Buick; 83-86 AMC/Jeep; 2003-on GMC Trucks; 2003-on Hummer.

What engine does a fram PH11 oil filter fit?

It fits many vehicles, here are a few, Cadillac. AMC. Chevrolet/GMC trucks. Jeep truck. Pontiac. Studebaker.

Do car covers come in specific sizes or are they one-size-fits-all?

You would need to find a specific cover for your vehicle as some vehicles are way smaller or different shaped than other vehicles. You should try, or

Can you find a cross reference for a Generac 0D9723 air filter?

The Generac 0D9723 air filter takes the place of the D3262 (0D3262) air filter. This part fits 760 and 990 portable generators.

Yes this woofer fits in many vehicles and would sound great in a Ford Escape?

Yes this woofer fits in many vehicles and would sound great in a Ford Escape

What does PF52 oil filter fit?

pf 52 oil filter fits what

What does a Fram HM4967 oil filter fit?

It fits many vehicles: Chevrolet Prism, Geo Prism, Toyota Camry, Toyota Celica, Toyota Highlander to name a few. Go to

How is vacuum hose diagram?

the hose that fits on the air filter on my 88 dodge dynasty was taken loose from the motor, I know it fits on to the manifold but I can't find where it hook up. help

What size oil filter wrench do you need for a 1998 Saturn SC2?

go to auto parts store and get the right filter for the Saturn then go to the filter wrench selection and find one that fits that is the style you like

What is a champ pH 253 filter fit?

Did you ever find out what a Champ oil filter PH-253 fits?I've got one sitting around, too.Thanks

What does a FRAM PH 7317 oil filter fit?

It fits a 2006 Nissan frontier 4.0 liter. This filter fits a LONG list of vehicles, far too many to list here. Nissan, Mazda, Honda, and Infinity are just a few. It also fits some Caterpillar engines as well as some fork lifts. One should consult a Fram catalog for a complete listing.

What engine does pennzoil pz 30 fit?

We can't list them all-that filter fits over 200 vehicles. If you go to pennzoil you can enter car info and they will tell you what no you need or if you have your current brand we can cross reference or you can go to amazon and see the whole list it fits and is alphabetical