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gather all the numbers on the block on a piece of paper and start rummaging through the internet. I've found all sort of Intel about a block if you look hard enough. or you local redneck car parts store will usually have a book. mostly they know by heart cause they got nuthin better to do

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Q: How can you find what year your 350 is on the block?
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350 small block block 397000-10 how do you find out what year it was actually made in instead of approximate year?


How do you find out what year your gm 350 engine is?

Google the vin that's on the block

Can a 89 Chevy 350 57liter block be interchange with different year 350 blocks?

YES,You can interchange all 350 blocks except the LT series block. Do not know what year the change transpired. the 350 block is the same all from 1967 until they introduced the LT series model.I think the year model was around 1999 or 2000.Go to the libary and do some research and you can find some books that will give you all the information that you need

How do you find out the yearof my Chevy 350 motor?

Find a book on casting numbers for chevys it will give you the year of the block the heads & the manifolds.

Difference from a big block 350 to a small block 350?

There is no such thing as a big block 350.

What better big block 350 or small block 350?

there is no such thing as a big block 350

Is a 5.3L block the same as a 350 block?

no. a 350 block is a 5.7L

How can you tell the difference between A 350 small block and A 350 big block?

No such thing as a 350 big block.

The different between 350 Short block and long block?

The 350 short block has less power than a 350 long block.

Will a 383 stroker kit fit any year model 350 block?

a 383 stroker is just a 400 crank in a 350 yes

How does a big block 350 work?

The 350 engine is a small block, not a big block.

What year is your 350 with block numbers vo802ckd casting 3970010?


Where can find an exploded diagram of a the vent hose routeing for a quadrajet carburetor to a 350 small block?

Your local library, but you're going to need the year and model.

350 block mean it is a 350 engine?

Means 350 cubic inch Block space

How much does 350 big block have?

How much "what" does a 350 big block have?

Will 302 intake fits 350 block?

If you are talking about a CHEVY small block 302 intake then yes. It will bolt right on any 350 under the year 1987 with out modifying it.

Will a 91 Chevy 350 big block out of a truck fit your caprice?

There is not a 350 engine known as a "big block". If the caprice and the truck are the same year it should fit perfectly.

Does a 350 long block have more power than a 350 small block?

They are both the same engines. You refer to a long block as being a compleat engine assy. 350 small block is what it means. It's a 350 and that is called a small block.

What year did Chevy start manufacturing the 350 small block engine?


What is the year of a 350 engine with casting no 14010207?

That block was used from 1980-1985.

What year is a 350 engine with casting no 14016379?

That block was used from 77-79.

What is the difference between 1972 350 block and 1985 350 block?

The strength of the engine block The 72 would be a better / stronger block.

Does a 1991 Chevy 350 5.7 liter have a big or small block?

The 5.7 liter 350 cu. in. Chevrolet V8 is a small block. There is no big block 350.

How much horsepower dose a nova 350 big block have?

First of all is that a 350 is not a big block. It is a small block.

What is the torque specs on a Pontiac 350 Big Block?

First its not called a big block, Pontiac never made a small block. it is just called a Pontiac 350. as far as tourque i t ranges from 150 to 400 depending on the year and trim