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Go to the County where you was born, to the Hall of records. Ask for a new birth certificate. Call them first and they will tell you what you need to bring with you, in order to get your birth records.

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Q: How can you find your birth records?
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What is the easiest way to do a birth records search?

The easiest way to find a birth record or birth records is to find the birth certificate or to find a health department that has the information, usually the hospital that one was born in, of the person.

How do you find out your exact time of birth?

Look at your child birth records.

How can I find Nebraska birth records online?

You can find such records in many places. One of such places is Go to this link to find out Nebraska Birth Records- you need to provide first name and last name of the persons for whom you need the birth record. For birth records from 1904, you can write to Nebraska Department of Health Vital Records P.O. Box 95065 Lincoln, NE 68509-5065

How do you find your birth parents?

Try calling the hospital to find your birth records and they should be right on the slip.

How can you find a persons birth or death records?

try department of vital records DEATH RECORDS IN SOUTH AFRICA

Is it possible to search birth records to find how many records a father is listed on?

Where the records have been digitized and placed in a database, this kind of search can be done. Most repositories of birth records do not have that capability.

Where can I find my birth parents?

Adoption records or private attorney.

How does a father find out if he is on the birth certificate?

Go to vital records and request a copy of birth records. Ask to see Childs school file with birth record in it. If you are not on the birth certificate, you cannot request a copy.

How do you find a birth record?

Check the county courthouse or the state for the records. Churches often have records of baptism.

Are birth records public records?

Yes, birth records are considered public.

How can you find out if a birth certificate is authentic?

There should be a seal from the hall of records.

Where can I find the birth records of August 1952 from the Kokstad General Hospital?

Birth records are usually maintained by the department or ministry of Health, or by the civil records office that is responsible for the governmental region in which a hospital is located.

Other than on your birth certificate where would you find your date of birth?

If your birth had been announced in a newspaper or in a printed announcement that someone saved, you might find it there. You might get close to the date with religious records such as baptismal certificates from some Christian churches, or Bris records of boys maintained by a Moel in some Jewish communities. If your birth was attended by a midwife, you might find the date in her records, if they were preserved.

Will I be able to find a Maine birth record online?

You will be able to find Maine birth records in this website:

Are birth records made public?

Yes, birth records are considered public records.

How do you find out who you biological mother is?

The hospital you were born in has your records, or you can look on your birth certificate.

How can I find my birth records as I was adopted years ago?

you can go to the police station

How do you find birth records?

go to the hospital you were born in and ask for it... that or go to your parents. and they will get it for you.

Where can you find birth records for 1905?

In the United States, birth records are maintained by city and county governments, and sometimes by state governments. There is no national index. So to get a birth record, you first first know where the person was born.

Where can you find information on birth records in the Brooklyn Hospital Center?

Birth records for the City of New York are maintained by the New York City Health Department. Records older than 75 years are moved to the Municipal Archives.

How do I get birth records in Nebraska?

Nebraska Birth Records are available through the state's Department of Health and Human Services. You can find more information about the process at

Did Crispus Attucks have children?

No he did not. There was no birth records if he did have children. No he did not. There was no birth records if he did have children.

Where do I find the Auckland New Zealand birth records for 1938?

you can find it here maybe

How do you find information on a realtive nobody will talk about?

Use old newspapers, archival records, and census and birth, marriage and death records to find out what you can about a relative whom no one will talk about.

Where was Mary Ann Nichols born?

She was a native of England. Records at the time were very sketchy so it can be difficult to find birth records with a street adress.