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On many vans/cars I have seen the latch on the door itself sometimes get tumbled into the shut position on accident. In most cases all you need is a screw driver to put into the latch hole on the door itself while pulling on the door handle simply flip the latch back open. If this is not the case please clarify your question.

The door jam has a male stiker the door latch is female or should be open to allow the striker to go inside it once the door is shut the latch wraps around the striker.

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Q: How can you fix a car door on a 1993 Dodge Caravan that will not shut?
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How can you reset the emergency fuel shut off switch on a dodge caravan?

Dodge does not use inertia/reset switches.

Why 2000 dodge caravan shut off won't start?

PLEASE be more specific!

What could cause a 1999 Dodge Caravan to shut off while driving?

There are several complications that can cause a 1999 Dodge Caravan to shut off while driving. Most common issues include ignition problems or fuel delivery problem.

What would cause a 1993 dodge caravan to stop shifting while driving and reset when it is stopped shut off and restarted?

The transmission computer has detected a malfunction. You need to have it checked for codes.

Where is the fuel shut off button on a 2000 dodge caravan?

Dodge doesn't use shutoff switches. The fuel system is computer controlled with relays.

Where is the fuel shut off switch on a 1993 Dodge Shadow?

A Dodge Shadow does not have a reset or shut off switch. The fuel system is computer controlled with relays.

Where is the fuel shut off switch on a 98 grand caravan?

Dodge vehicles do not use inertia/reset switches.

Why would a dodge caravan start and then shot off?

Did you mean shut off? My Grand Caravan will turn on and them immediately shut off when I use a copied key. I believe the key has an electronic signal as part of an anti theft system so a copied key only opens the door. It can start, but once the car senses the key does not have the electronic code, it shuts off.

Where is the fuel pump shut off switch for a 2003 stratus coupe 2 door?

Dodge does not use inertia/shut off switches.Dodge does not use inertia/shut off switches.

Where is the fuel reset switch on 2005 dodge grand caravan?

there is no mechanical shut off switch if the fuel is shut down the computer can do it but you need a scan tool to fix that

How do you disable alarm on 1997 Dodge Caravan you washed your alarm remote and it no longer works?

Assuming the switches are still working, the factory alarm should shut off if you unlock either the drivers door or liftgate with the key.

Where is the fuel pump's emergency shut off switch on a 1997 dodge caravan?

Dodge does not use inertia/reset switches. The fuel system is computer controlled with relays.

Why are the headlights on a 1993 Dodge Caravan remaining on after you shut the engine off?

i,m not positive but i believe it would be the daytime running light modual located on the passanger side in the engine compartment on the firewall right up in the corner. good luck

Does the 1999 dodge caravan have a feature to save your battery if you leave your lights on accidentally?

Yes. The headlights shut off after a couple minutes if the ignition is off.

Where is the fuel shut off for a 1999 dodge neon?

Dodge does not use shut off switches.Dodge does not use shut off switches.

When was Shut the Door created?

Shut the Door was created in 1995.

What is the passive voice of shut the door?

let the door be shut

Dodge 1996 dodge stratus dings and doors lock when driving?

That usually means that one of the doors is not shut all the way or there is a misadjusted door ajar switch.

Why is black smoke coming through your dash vents in your 1994 dodge caravan?

Shut the car off and get out. Something is broken and if its producing smoke, it could catch on fire.

What is the little red dot on dash of a 2003 dodge caravan and how do i turn it off.?

It is a security light. The dealer should be able to update the cluster so it will shut off.

What would cause the door ajar light on a 1991 Dodge Caravan to illuminate and chime during driving even when the sliding door is closed?

Thank you so much for the 1991 dodge buzzer issue resolution guys. That ish wouldnt stop buzzzin. (ding ding what you say? I cant hear you ding because of that annoying ding sound ding sir can you ding shut off your ding Car? @ mc donalds drive thru. LmfaO! Was door striker switch

How do you remove the door panels on a 1999 Dodge Ram Quad Cab?

there are two screws on the door panel where you pull it shut and one more at the top of the panel then all you have to do is pull it of

1999 dodge caravan radiator fan stays on with key off?

The fan should turn off after the engine is shut off. If it stays on, the radiator fan relay has failed.

Does a 2000 dodge caravan have a oil pressure circuit protection?

If you are asking if the engine will shut off when the sensor does not detect oil pressure, the answer is no. It will run without an oil pressure reading.

Is there a fuel safety shut off on a 1993 Chevy stratus 4-cylinder and if there is where would you find it?

A Stratus is a Dodge not a Chevy. Neither Dodge or Chevy use inertia/safety switches.