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a low brake pedal indicates worn brake pads and shoes.have then replaced

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โˆ™ 2007-12-21 14:39:35
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Can slotted or drilled rotors be machined in a brake lathe

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Q: How can you fix low brake pedal on a 99 Saturn SL1?
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How can you quick fix the smoking problem you have with your 1995 Saturn SL1?

Buy a car that isn't a Saturn

How do you fix a squeaky clutch pedal on a 1994 Saturn SC2?


How do you fix the brakelights on a 93 Honda Civic if they do not come on when you brake?

Probably the switch on the brake pedal,

How to fix brake lights on 1966 Thunderbird?

check your fuses and the brake light switch above the pedal

What could cause a loss of brake pressure in your Saturn?

A leak of fluid somewhere. Check all lines and hoses for a leak and fix until the pedal is firm and does not loose pressure

How do you fix it when I press the brake pedal the brake lights flash but do not stay steady until the brake pedal is pushed down hard on a 1989 Grand Marquis?

Adjust or replace the stoplight switch at the upper end of the brake pedal under dash area

How do you fix a brake problem that has a bad vibration in brake pedal when stopping?

have your brake rotors turned on a lathe, or replace them with new ones.

How do you repair brake sensor light on Nissan maximum?

under ure brake pedal u have a brake switch simple fix.

1996 Saturn sl1 that wont shift the shifter is loose and wont engagehow do fix it?

I have this same problem. A broken shifter box. I will repost a fix as soon asap.

Why do the brake lights on a 1992 Mustang only come on when the brake pedal is pushed all the way to the floor?

The brake light switch is out of alligment. Check on the brake pedal arm and readjust the switch.

How do your fix brake lites that are aways on?

check the switch which is located above the brake pedal. needs adjusting or a new one!

How do you fix the brake lights on a 2000 Ford Contour that stay on while the car is off?

check the brake pedal, there is a switch on the back of the pedal that depressed when the brake is depressed that turns the lights on, when this is loose it keeps the lights on.

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