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  • My batch I thought was brown enough and thin enough...turned out I was wrong although it did harden it was just too sticky. I took each broken peice put it on parchement and cooked on high in microwave for 40 seconds. Turned colour and came out perfect. I also dusted it with the tiniest bit of baking soda before cooking again.
  • You can't save a batch that didn't harden. It needs to be cooked long enough to change color. Light to medium brown. The recipe I use calls for a mixture of soda and margarine to be mixed in at the last before spreading the mixture to harden.
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How do you fix sticky peanut brittle?

Sticky peanut brittle is the result of under cooking. To fix a sticky peanut brittle batch, use a thermometer cook it on medium heat until the temperature reads 204 degrees.

How do you say peanut brittle in Australian?

peanut brittle

What kind of candy is a brittle?

Peanut Brittle

What are examples of things that are brittle?

peanut brittle

What is expiration of peanut brittle?

If stored properly, peanut brittle can last up to 6 months.

How to make sugar free peanut brittle?

I would recommend Sugar Free Peanut Brittle Recipe

Can you freeze peanut brittle?

yes you can, brittle side down.

Recipes for sugar free peanut brittle?

well... most snacks like that have to have sugar if not, it wouldn't be peanut brittle.

Why did your peanut brittle turn brown?

brown peanut brittle means the sugar has been caramelized, making it burn.

What makes peanut brittle brittle?

The melting and re-crystallization of the sugar.

What are examples of supersaturated?

peanut brittle

What did Louis Robert invent?

The peanut brittle

What are candies that start with p?

peanut brittle

What makes peanut brittle sticky?


How do you dry peanut brittle?

I think you leave it out...

What is old dominion famous for?

Peanut brittle

Do you have to use raw peanuts in peanut brittle?


How do you freeze peanut brittle?

Put it in the freezer.

Why is your peanut brittle chewy?

Moisture in the air or not heating the brittle enough can cause it to be chewy

How do you make peanut free peanut brittle?

As the name of the recipe suggests, peanuts are the main ingredient in peanut brittle. However, you can substitute whichever nut you like in place of the peanuts to make pecan brittle, almond brittle, etc. If you are allergic to nuts, you could substitute seeds like pumpkin, sesame, or sunflower seeds.

Can you use vegetable spread instead of butter to make peanut brittle?

Will the peanut brittle still turn out if you substitute vegetable spread instead of real butter?

How do you make peanut brittle without peanuts?

you cant -_-

What type of solid is peanut brittle?

It is an amorphous solid. The sugar in peanut brittle is melted and then is cooled too fast for the crystalline structure to properly reform, making it irregular.

What is in a butterfinger candy bar?

It's a peanut spread that's the color and texture of peanut brittle.

What is inside a butterfinger?

A substance made to resemble peanut brittle.