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All of the answers below are correct. I'll just add one point. After you put the paint on the part that was previously rusted, put an anti-rust treatment to avoid recurrence of rust or migrating to other parts.

You're kidding right? Even pros have a tough time doing this-killing the rust- and at the same time, trying to get paint mixes to match up with oddball colors.

I've repaired many a rust spot with nail polish. It comes in a wide array of colors and lasts a long time. If the rust spreads, just add more. Your car might not look perfect, but it's a really cheap method that works.

to do it cheaply you need the basic tools first, i.e grinder, wire brush, ect. Take and either sand//grind the heck out of the rust till its gone, if possible, or cut the rust out and repair with body sheet metal or the same place off of a different car froma junk yard. If you want a cheap paint then buy a spray can of the same color from an auto parts store and go to town.

Unless the paint is black or white, you will have a hard time trying to duplicate the exact color enough to make the patch undetectable. Trying to paint the patch and get the paint surface to be perfectly flush with the surrounding area is also very difficult. If you really must do it yourself, take it slow and be careful. You might want to try on a practice piece before you do the actual work on you car.

Be careful with the sanding. Use very fine grit paper to feather the area before painting. Ensure that you remove all of the sanding dust. Any speck of dust will show up in the finished surface. A rubbing compound or polishing compound should be used to blend the repair into the surrounding area.

I think if you just slap a coat of paint over the rust, it'll eventually just rust out again, and there's no point of that. A cheap solution that I used is to get some rust coverter (8 bucks cdn) and clean the rust area off and slap some of this solution on. After an hour or so, the solution should convert the rust into a black coating that acts as a protective sealant and primer. Now you can paint over the rust spot.

i think it comes from when you leave that thing wet and outside or in a dusty room or garage the the water , dust and dirt particles join and eat away whatever that thing is and that's how it becomes rust

Basically, moisture (and impurities contained in the moisture) and air help each other to eat away at the surface of metal, mainly metals with some quantity of iron in them (I think).

Imagine moisture has the knife and air has the fork.....put them together and they have an evening of fine dining at the metal restaurant!!

At least this is the nearest I can get it in layman's terms.


geez i just use fine grit steel absolutly wonderful and is cheap.

if you can get a paint code from the dealership most napa stores can get you the exact paint match in a spray can for about 35 bucks Canadian.

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Q: How can you fix rust spots by yourself on a low budget and still make it look like there was never rust there?
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