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How can you fix the Radio onoff button to stay in ie power radio off?

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Depends on radio type. Most of these switches are 'momentary contact, which is to say the switch makes contact, then returns to its original state, sending a pulse. If your switch is of this type, the mechanical function sounds fine and the prob. may be a logic circuit and not the switch. The on\off switch on my radio is also combined with the volume knob,(pushing vol. knob turns unit on\off.) I'm afraid these are probably un-fixable. Sorry for being so verbose.


2010-02-28 20:24:36
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How do turn the radio on of 93 cutlass ciera?

there is a little orange button on the radio that is the power button

Your 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse battery died when I jumped started it the radio display read OFF The radio will not power up Although it responds to the onoff button by making the display cut on?

As part of an antitheft design on your radio you have to enter a code to get your radio to work again. A Mitsubishi dealer can get the code for youand tell you how to do it if you supply the vin number to him.

What is the function of a radio button?

The function of a radio button is to allow a person to access the radio function of their vehicle. By pressing the button, the person will turn on the radio that they want to listen to.

When you push the radio power button in a 1993 E300 Mercedes and the radio dosent come on what other than the fuse what might the problem be?

The most likely possibilities are that the radio is not receiving power (a wiring problem) or the radio itself is bad.

How do you turn on radio 1994 Chevrolet C1500?

Push or turn the power button.Push or turn the power button.

How do you get AM radio on my Audi?

Hit the AM radio button. You did not say it was a factory radio though.

Where is the radio reset button on 2002 Chrysler sebring?

The factory radio does not have a reset button.

Your Volvo s40 radio is always off how do you turn it on?

If your Volvo s40 radio is always off, you can turn it on using the power button. The button is on the left, top-hand side.

In code what property of a radio button shoud you test to determine whether it is selected?

Radio buttons need to be placed in the appropriate type of frame. A radio button's value is always static, however the frame that you bind the radio button to will have the value of the selected radio button.

Why won't my radio button turn radio off?

Ever thought it might not be the right button?

How do you set the clock on a 2001 Saturn SL1?

Turn radio off. Press in the radio power on button while pressing station up button to change minutes, the down station button to change hours. Wow, you have a stock radio/ cd player ? On my 2000 S-series you have the radio "ON" , hold the "RCL" button in while adjusting the time with the "plus or minus" which is also the tune rocker button.

How do you get the radio out of safe mode if you don't have the owner's manual for a 2005 Opel Corsa GSI?

Switch your radio offPress and hold your AS button , while holding the AS button press the power buttonIt will automatically ask for the security codeEnter the security code and enter the radio code

How does a battery radio work?

Put batteries into a radio then press the on button

How do you set time on a delco radio?

You can set the clock on the Chevrolet S 10 pickup truck radio by holding in the power button and advancing the clock with the tuning button. The tuning button will move the clock setting forward or backwards.

Where is the preset button on Honda Accord radio?

If you mean reset button there is none. If you mean radio presets then they are right there on the radio face plate. They are numbered and easy to see.

How do you set radio stations in 2001 Chevy Malibu?

The 2001 Chevrolet Malibu standard radio has a very simple procedure to set the radio stations. Tune the radio to the desired station. Hold the desired preset radio button in for three seconds. The radio station will be assigned to that preset button.

Your 98 VW beetle has a radio preset button that won't push can you fix it---without spending an arm and a leg?

If your 1998 VW Beetle has a radio preset button that will not push anymore, you can sometimes fix it by prying the button out of the radio with a butter knife. Then, clean behind the button and clean the button itself. Pop the button back into the radio.

How do you reset radio system on A6 Audi?

You click the save button twice and then power on and off

What is the button on a 2001 VW radio for?

Possibly it just might turn the radio on & off

What does the AS button mean on a Saab radio?

It means "autostore." You use it for creating radio presets.

How do you fix 2005 mercury montego radio display?

If the display is not on when you turn the ignition on. First you check the fuses. radio memory is usually run with the courtesy light fuse. The main radio fuse is marked radio. Second you pull the radio out and test the power leads to the radio. If you have no power then there may be a short in a wire. If there is power on the power leads then the radio must be replaced.

How do you set the radio clock in a 1996 Corsica?

turn the radio off and press the set button use the seek button to adjust the time

How do you reset the radio on a 2005 dodge neon?

there is a reset button on the radio ! omggg. that was SOO HARDDD !

How do change the time on the radio in a 2002 Mitsubishi Galant?

If it is a stock radio, turn the car radio off to where no sound is coming from it but the clock is illuminated. Press the "clock" button and hold until the time starts blinking. On your station preset buttons at the bottom of your radio, button 5 has an "H" on it and button 6 has an "M" on it. Press button 5 until the correct hour displays then button 6 until your clock reflects the current time. Finally, press the clock button to allow the radio to accept the changes.

How do you set clock on 1990 ultra classic radio?

With ignition on and radio power off, pressing station preset button 1 adjusts hours, preset 2 adjusts minutes.