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Possibly with some tooth colored fillings. Talk to a dentist and see what they reccomend.

I use to have multiple gaps in my teeth. Then one day I came across and it changed my life forever. I don't have much money so braces where out of the question. Teeth Effects where only $16.95 so I figured I'd give it a shot. The bands really worked! I was able to close all 3 of my gaps using teeth effects bands.


you wasted 16.95. the bands are what they use for braces. you can get them free if you go to an ortho and ask for bands for braces. this is a scam by teeth effects. you have been scammed

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How do you fix gaps in the front and sides of your teeth without getting braces?

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Cosmetic Dentistry Veneers: The Three Types?

The most popular three types of veneers are: ceramic, resin composite, and Empress. All vary in price and some are more suited to specific uses than others. Your cosmetic dentist is the best judge of the best type of application for you.Ceramic VeneersCeramic veneers are made of strong, durable ceramic and formed into very thin shells which are placed over an existing tooth. This additional layer adds bulk to the tooth and can make it feel oversized when compared the adjacent teeth. It may also feel uncomfortable for the patient inside the mouth. Your dentist will remove a thin layer of tooth structure from the front and sides of the tooth ensure a proper fit for the ceramic layer. The original color of the tooth will also be replicated to allow for a natural look. The process usually takes two visits to complete.Resin Composite VeneersThese are perhaps the simplest and easiest veneers to apply. They are simpler and may be slightly less functional than other types of veneers, but can be completed in as little as one visit. The tooth is shaped and the veneer is applied in much the same manner as ceramic veneers. Your dentist will apply the composite that best matches the color and shade of existing teeth. A special light is used to fuse the veneer to the tooth, then polished to look natural.Empress VeneersEmpress veneers may be the most popular and advanced of all the types used. These offer the best fit, wear similar to enamel, and are non-abrasive to other teeth and most dental structures in the mouth. Empress veneers are good enough to often be chosen over more expensive orthodontic treatments. They are able to close gaps between teeth, whiten and create a superior smile. Empress veneers provide the best aesthetic and durable product for these applications. They are made of super high-quality, glass ceramic and have the least invasive presence in the mouth over the long term. Approximately 30 million patients worldwide have had these veneers applied with excellent results.Veneers are considered a permanent treatment. As with any dental procedure, proper care and maintenance is required. There are no substitutes for seeing a dentist with cosmetic credentials to advise you of the best type of veneer to use.

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