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I am a locksmith in Maryland. It sounds like the linkage that goes from your outside and inside handles to the latch have come undone for some reason. OR the latch itself may be jammed for some reason. Did someone recently use a slim Jim on the car or maybe someone tried to break into it? Call around to local locksmiths and get a price. They can come out and get the door open for you with special tools that fit down in the door for just such a purpose. It may just be that the latch is stuck, or if more repairs are needed they can advise you and give you a price to repair it. Or you can get the door panel off from there and fix it yourself. Just opening the door should be a minimal charge about the same as a regular car opening. Different locksmiths charge different rates. Shop around.

I had the same problem,

The latch mechanism wraps itself around a pin to keep the door closed. The pole is protected by a plastic tube for a tigh fit. What has happpened is that that plastic is worn out and is causing the latch to remain stuck.

First The manual says that the handle can be removed very easily by removing the plastic cover with a screwdriver, then remove one of the screws securing the handle to the door. Unfortunately, the second screw is located on the inside of the door which can't be removed because the door is shut and won't open. You will have to slide the handle toward the front of the vehicle and eventually breaking the handling assembly from the door. Once you have mangaged to remove the handle, you will notice a little metal plate, inside the door handle hole. That is the mechanism which the outside handle pushes down to open the door. It is probably seized...Spray lots of WD40 and with a hammer and flat screw driver, try knocking the assembly down.

IF you look deeper into the hole, observe how the locking mechanism works, and make sure that the door is unlock. Just behind and below you will be able to observed the innsr handles operation, by functioning the indoor handle.

Once you get the door open, check for the pin I told you about, spray more WD40 and replace the handle

Good luck

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Q: How can you fix the passenger door lock on 1990 Jetta Volkswagen when the doors will not open from in or outside?
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