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Try checking the inside door latch mechanism. (I'm working with a '92 Escort Wagon, so there should not be much difference) Here's how: 1. Check your inside door handle for a Phillips screw (the kind with an X). 2. Remove the screw *carefully* and place it where it won't get lost. 3. Again, *carefully* pull the handle assembly a fraction of an inch from the door, and peer inside. 4. You're looking for a cheap little plastic doodad that starts from the bottom of the latch bar (it's a good size thicker than a metal clothes hanger), then up the end of the latch bar and over into the plastic latch. Is it broken, worn, or is its color darker than evaporated milk? If so, run down to a Ford dealer and get some new ones (most auto parts joints and junkyards don't carry this item). 5. Better yet, have the dealer or a trusted auto repair shop fix it. This can be an *extremely* frustrating fix, as the doodad is very easy to break.

I have a four-door LX (sedan) model.

There is a little black level in the door jam, on the two rear doors. It is marked with instructions for operation. Personally, I would've NEVER thought to have looked there for the child-safety restraint locks. But I believe, that's the whole idea. If the adult doesn't know, what are the chances that the kid would find out ?

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Q: How can you fix two of the doors on your 94 Ford Escort will not open from the inside if it is not the child lock proctection one is the driver side door?
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