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How can you fix your broken computer?

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it depends on what's broken. If the screens broke you need a new screen. Etc.

2017-03-05 16:29:35
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How do you fix a computer that is in a loop because it says the format is broken?

change it

What are the purposes of computer lights?

The purpose of computer lights are to see inside your computer. If a part is broke, then you can turn on the lights and fix the broken computer parts.

What kind of training would you need to just fix slow or broken computers?

Maintenance & Troubleshooting of Computer Hardware & Software will impart you the knowledge to fix slow or broken computers.

Where would one send a broken lcd laptop screen?

A good computer shop should be able to replace broken parts to fix this.

How does one fix a broken computer?

To fix a dead or broken computer one could get a professional to do the job or one can try it themself. One could order the replacement part(s) and replace them yourself, if it's RAM or a hard drive the instructions should be included.

How do you fix broken armor on runescape?

If you have broken armour you fix it in your house.

Instructions on how fix a broken finger?

instructions on how fix a broken finger

How do you fix rearranged pixels and broken screen on RX480 graphics card?

You cannot fix a physically broken screen via the graphics card. Take the computer to a repair shop and pay for a new screen to be installed.

How do you fix a no camshaft signal being received by computer for a 2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser?

Possible causes include a failed cam sensor, broken wiring, broken timing belt, failed computer.Possible causes include a failed cam sensor, broken wiring, broken timing belt, failed computer.

How much does it costs to fix a broken starter?

The cost to fix a broken starter depends on the type of starter and where a person goes to fix it. It can range from $50 to $200 to fix a broken starter.

When you get a phone call from someone who is going to fix your computer how do you know they are legitimate?

If someone is calling you telling you they are going to fix your computer then they are most likely not legit as how would they know something is broken to begin with? There are common scams of people claiming to be "Microsoft" or "Apple" support trying to convince you something is broken on your PC so you allow them access to your computer.

How do you fix a memorex DVD player that's not broken?

You don't need to fix it if it is not broken!

How do you fix apphangb1 on your computer?

To fix the HangB1 on your computer, simply uninstal it from your computer.

Why don't the buttons on my keyboard work all the time?

That means that either your computer or you keyboard is broken. That usually leads to your computer crashing. Fix it while you still have time.

How do you fix broken handcuffs?

you shove glue where its broken

How do you fix broken games?

Depeds on how they are broken :l

How can you fix a broken camera?

yea you can... it depends how it was broken.

How do you fix a broken needle on a sewing machine?

It is not possible to fix a broken needle. You must remove the broken one and replace with a new needle.

How do you fix broken timing belt chain?

The only fix for broken timing belt or chain is to replace it.

What is the subject in this sentence will he be able to fix the broken television?

Will he be able to fix the broken television? The subject in the sentence above is "he."

Lexus stereo on but no sound coming out from speakers?

It is broken. To fix it you can go to Halfords or if you don't know where Halfords is look it up on the computer.

How do you fix a broken thumb?

You can not fix a broken thumb.if its broken you will have to get a fake one or something or you can live without a if any one has a broken thumb live your life with pride.

What do you do if your iPod's broken?

fix it

How do you fix a broken ipod touch?

It depends how it's broken...

What do you do to fix a broken knee?

go to a doctor and let him fix it